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of thunder exploding in her body, Gong Wanzhu This moment when her whole body was trembling with excitement finally made her realize the shortcomings of the Hunmen method and pulled her back from the edge of the cliff where her sanity was about to collapse.

“True Shape Talisman Array”
Of course, it is not enough just to have the True Form Talisman Array and the pull of the Tao and Dharma that she is familiar with.
While Gong Wanzhu was still throbbing and trembling, Chu Weiyang gently stroked her waist. It was indeed a sinking waist that Chu Weiyang could still remember. There is a peach-shaped outline that fits the beauty of the roundness of the sky and the earth. At this moment, even if he is standing upright like this, the smooth arc makes Chu Weiyang feel the beauty of nature .
/And it was in this familiar touch that Chu Weiyang never said anything, but it seemed that there was some kind of charm shining in Gong Wanzhu’s mind.
At this moment, she saw the collapse of the Hunmen Dharma, but she also saw the rise of another Tao Dharma. She saw the ferocious beast form under the divine form, but she also saw the true form. The origin of form and spirit anchored by the talisman array.
This process of practice can even use the aura in the divine essence that is so insane that it is truly inhuman as fuel and firewood to ignite and open up the nine golden elixir orifices of one’s body one after another!
Knowing that one can first purposefully use the supreme blood flame to eliminate the crazy and evil things in the blood and aura one after another, and then all the details can be polished in the supreme talisman array. Impurities are further removed and refined to the purity of spirituality itself.
Moreover, in this process, there is a true talisman array anchoring everything. Even in the process of devouring and refining, it will not be affected at all by the crazy artistic conception.
/This picture is not illusory, but there are real living beings following the Tao Dharma Sutra, stationed on the path of cultivation in the realm of golden elixir, and now, they are working towards a deeper place.
The collapse of the essence of the Hunmen Dharma, and the inhuman nature of all the great monks in the Golden Core Realm in the world. All these shocking truths are not the desperate moment when the world is shattered and the earth is shattered, and the body is destroyed.
When everything is on the verge of despair, there is an understanding of the Dharma, a Tao and Dharma to follow, and a Master to rely on. He has used the Tao and Dharma to rebuild the ruins of the hazy Dharma visible to the naked eye. , a magnificent Taoist palace was opened.
Similarly, like never before, Gong Wanzhu eagerly wanted to have a place of his own in that Taoist palace.
Even if he continued to kneel and crawl on the cold ground.
The original messy mood disappeared the moment he saw the way of the Blood Spirit Talisman. However, along with the renewed mood, the thoughts and ideas became more and more prosperous and exciting. Instead, Gong