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if he wanted to kill someone. He would only make a plan and then kill the enemy.

Of course, the person who greeted the military academy was also a member of General Ross. It was General Ross’s wife who sent the message to the military academy. Although this was not a greeting from General Ross himself, for the leader of the military academy, Said there is no difference.
In the classroom at eight o’clock in the morning, this was supposed to be a professor’s military theory class, but instead it was instructor Mosley and a lieutenant general.
When Instructor Mosley walked into the classroom, he first glanced at David, with a look of worry in his eyes.
“This is Vice Principal Treyton of the Federal Military Academy. This morning’s class has been changed to a thorough examination!” Instructor Mosley announced in a deep voice.
/“Students, you are all the elites of the military. The military academy is also a place to cultivate elites. If someone’s knowledge level is not up to standard, then he is not worthy of staying in this class!” Vice Principal Treton then said to the students.
David looked at Vice Principal Dryden, and he understood that this Vice Principal Dryden was probably the person mentioned by Instructor Mosley. Otherwise, how could such a vice principal of a military academy, a dignified lieutenant general, suddenly come to a short training session? The class conducted an unplanned assessment and proposed that those who failed were not worthy of remaining in the class.
Anyone who has read David’s file will definitely know that David only entered the military academy for three months. He usually mainly fights against the Zerg and rarely participates in military affairs.
Of course, the military academy’s assessment will involve a lot of military knowledge. The person most likely to fail this assessment is David.
“Report!” David raised his hand and said, and all eyes immediately fell on him.
“Student David, what’s the matter?” Instructor Mosley was afraid that David would say something bad, so he quickly winked and asked.
“I want to know if this exam is a formal exam at the military school?” David stood up and asked loudly.
“This is my decision. In the military academy, you can only obey or leave!” Vice Principal Triton looked at David and said sternly.
“I understand!” David nodded.
The anger in David’s heart could not be suppressed. He knew that he had to do something, otherwise he would have to stay in this military academy for another year, and he would definitely be made things difficult by Vice Principal Treton.
/Especially as Vice Principal Treyton said, the military school is very special, and David has to obey orders.
When David sat down, he mentally drew a ‘bewitchment pattern’ and threw it towards Vice Principal Triton.
There is no extraordinary person here, not even someone with a slightly stronger spirit. In this case, Vice Principal Treton is so close to him and wants to be his enemy. It is really an act of seeking death.
No one would have thought that someone as bold as David would