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on. He loosened his collar and patted his shoulder: “Lead the way. If you dare to run, hum, I’m not afraid to tell you that I am none other than He He.” famous”

Shi Wuchang fell to his knees with a bang: “Shi only wants a way to survive, and please don’t give me your honorary title. Shi cannot afford this honor.”
/So mature!
Also, you are so skillful that it makes people feel distressed.
Tu Yuan took a breath. If she had had this consciousness, she would have become a high-ranking demon cultivator in Gushan City.
Lu Bei also became cautious. The more Shi Wuchang was timid, the more it showed that the Tianshang City at this time was not simple. He and Gu Zongchen looked at each other and looked at the essence through reality. Seeing Lu Dong, he nodded and made a decisive decision. idea.
You just entered the city the wrong way, do it again!
“You kid, what are you still doing? Lead the way and leave the city now.”
Shi Wuchang got the order, stood up and patted the dust on his knees, then took the main road and led Lu Bei and the other two people towards the outside of the city.
Lu Bei was five steps behind, looking around with a pair of rogue eyes. In order to play the role of a lustful thief who strayed into the world, he could only ignore his conscience and flirt with the demon cultivators who fell into the water on the street.
After passing it on and on, I suddenly realized something was wrong.
Directly ahead, a man and a woman came side by side.
The dark-skinned pretty boy nodded and bowed like a dog. Because he was a man, Lu Bei was not interested in him. He glanced at him and passed him by, looking at the woman carefully.
Her shoulders are cut into a plain waist, she is wearing a purple dress, her face is covered with white gauze, her beauty cannot be concealed, and her eyes are as bright as hidden stars.
Judging from her appearance and appearance, she is an ordinary person who is upright and orderly, but this woman is incompatible with the land of the far west, and she is too tightly packed.
Fortunately, the land of the far west never disappoints Lu Bei. The woman’s charming and charming temperament is undoubtedly a witch. Sensing the gaze of the pretty boy, she narrowed her eyes and gave him a seductive smile.
Third update, do you want to make an appointment?
You can consider it one day later.
Another day!
After the simple eye contact, the woman left with Xiangfeng, leaving Lu Bei behind without looking back.
Lu Bei continued to take a few steps, but still felt that something was wrong. When he looked back, the woman’s figure had disappeared, completely gone.
“That’s strange. Is it an illusion? I always feel that she is very important to me.”
Lu Bei frowned and walked out of the city full of doubts.
Behind him, Gu Zongchen also frowned. There was no other reason than that Lu Dong, who had never been fond of beauty, unexpectedly became obsessed with a woman and even encouraged him to chase after her.
/How unreasonable!
Gu Zongchen was secretly angry and couldn’t bear Lu Dong’