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ing the sword, and controlled the sky to strike down the black beam of light.

The black light is infinitely extended, pointing to the sky and touching the ground. Its restrained violence is shocking, as if it can open up the world with just one sword.
The two lights of black and white collided, and the sword energy was annihilated into nothingness.
Lu Zhou let out a sigh, and his entire body disappeared under the shrill black light.
boom! ! !
The shock wave spread to the formation at the rear of Huangji Sect. Seeing this, the elders slowly retreated into the formation. The guests breathed a sigh of relief and followed the elders to moisturize themselves.
If not forced by life, who would want to lead the way and rush to the front!
Not to mention, it’s all forced by life.
“Strange thing, that man’s name is Lin Buyan, the leader of the Lingxiao Sword Sect. I checked his information. He is a humble gentleman and a moral gentleman. The Lingxiao Sword Sect was brought back to life in his hands. The monks in Yuezhou also praised him. , is a leader with an excellent reputation.”
“What do you want to say?”
“In terms of intelligence, no one mentioned a word about Leader Lin’s strength.”
“Then where does his sword intent come from?”
/“The trump card left by the predecessors should be the old man with the negative sword.”
“It’s a pity. If his master, Mu Lichen, might be able to give Lu Zhou a fight with the Great Power Sky, he would”
/“That’s enough, that’s enough. It’s most immoral to hurt people behind their backs. Leader Lin is still a good person.”
In the corner, the conservatives were whispering, discussing that they could not just watch the show without helping. The mysterious man with the immortal sword might just talk about it, but in fact he did not exist at all. It was up to them to save the Tianjian Sect.
When Lin Buyan was defeated, the senior sister Lian Lin took over Da Shi Tian. She recovered from her injuries and her swordsmanship reached its peak again. After holding it back for hundreds of years, it was the time when his strength was at its strongest, and he was not weak at all against Lu Zhou.
It was just a mad sword, and he was the one who was hit.
“Good sword intention. Although I don’t know what means you used to increase your sword intention to such a terrifying level, foreign objects are foreign objects after all. They are not your own and are not my opponent.”
When the dust dispersed, Lu Zhou patted the dust off his shoulders. Under the broken armor, a white mark was clearly visible.
No defense breached.
Lin Buyan’s eyelids trembled, and he lamented that all the people named Lu were tough and tough. Lu Bei was like this, and Lu Zhou was not bad either.
As soon as his vision flickered, he replaced Lu Zhou with Lu Bei, his eyes narrowed slightly, his murderous aura suddenly increased, his body broke through the limit, and he could easily take on the sword intention of the old man carrying the sword.
This guy finally got his act together!
Lin Buyan was delighted. Having found the tri