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ural was written correctly, and he was destined to be the same person. However, he couldn’t bear the shamelessness of some people and barged in to take advantage of the opportunity.

If you scratch it well, it would be a pity not to scratch it to death.
Zhu Qilan didn’t want to talk to Lu Bei, but he also trusted him extremely. His mind sank into the mural, trying his best to absorb the graphic text with a terrifying amount of information.
Regarding the opportunity that he didn’t understand, Lu Bei was familiar with the road and said it wasn’t a big problem.
The emperor’s master once left a killing monument with freehand brushwork and ghostly symbols throughout. He was as shrewd and cunning as a fox. He didn’t understand a single word, but he still understood it.
If you are qualified, you can do whatever you want!
Lu Bei raised his hand and pressed it against the stone wall, waiting for the qualification to work hard.
[You came into contact with [Western Jade Emperor’s Dao Sutra], did you spend 100,000 skill points to learn it? ]
[You have come into contact with the [Western Jade Emperor’s Dao Sutra], and it has been determined that you lack the Western White Tiger destiny and cannot study it]
/[After seizing the fate, you can try again]
Lu Bei:
Can any kind person translate this? What is 100,000 skill points?
Also, is it really okay to so blatantly encourage taking other people’s lives?
Well, it seems to be no problem, that’s how cultivating immortality is.
Thinking of this, Lu Bei looked at Zhu Qilan beside him, looking across the mountain into a ridge and into a peak on the other side. How could they embrace each other? Support Lily and prohibit homosexuality.
Stepping on the watermelon rind, Lu Bei’s thoughts went downhill all the way. He came back to his senses and decided to give up.
Let’s forget about taking away one’s destiny or anything like that.
The cheap master left early, the wild Taoist cultivator, and no one taught him how to seize life.
Ask Zhu Qilan directly
It’s not impossible. With his face, he can ask questions.
He was afraid that in the eldest princess’s anger, he would most likely kill someone in order to protect himself.
Expensive may not necessarily be good, but good must be expensive.
The power of the technique worth 100,000 skill points can be imagined. Lu Bei drooled with greed, and unwillingly, he flew up and touched everywhere against the stone wall.
His hard work paid off, and he really found some ways to do it.
[You observe the Western Constellation Chart and understand the skill [White Tiger Evil], strength +50, spirit +50, charm +10, free attribute points +10, skill points +800]
[When you look at the Western constellation map, you have an epiphany, and the Taiyin Killing Power Way becomes more refined, keep up the good work]
[You understand Taiyin’s way of killing, and you have
I like to mention the experience book. Under the guidance of professional counterparts, the experience of the ‘Taiyin Killing Power Path’, which focuses on the killi