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sponsibility in the North Pole Palace?”

sponsibility in the North Pole Palace?”
At this moment, Li Yongsheng said, “Isn’t this very simple?”
Chapter 569:
Is it simple to understand people? Ding Xiangshi and the Lord of the Third Palace both turned their heads and looked at Li Yongsheng.
Little guy, although you are great, you can’t speak casually, right?
Li Yongsheng smiled slightly and spoke to the Lord of the Third Palace, “Since Lord Xiangshi has given up this flag, the Four Palaces must consider giving him a refined religious flag.”
Then he looked at Ding Xiangshi, “Anyway, you have to refine it in the end. It saves you the steps of refining. Is that so good?”
It’s not very good. In fact, Zhenjun is a little dissatisfied. You know, knowledge is gained bit by bit. If the religious flag is really handed over to him for refining, he may gain something during the refining process.
But it would be a bit inappropriate to say this now.
First of all, refining takes time. According to the Lord of the Third Palace, it will take at least several decades of refining to achieve the goal – after all, it is the True Selection Flag of the cult. This is no joke.
He spent a lot of effort to temporarily suppress the religious flag today.
Secondly, although he took down the religious flag, many people played a role in the process, and it was not his alone.
/At the very least, if it weren’t for Li Yongsheng’s teleportation array, it would have been impossible for the Sand King to enter Middle-earth and face the flanking attack of the two true kings.
Or speaking of this teleportation, without this sudden teleportation, would the two true monarchs really be able to keep the evil god’s chosen true monarch with the true selection flag?
Therefore, he can actually be satisfied if he can obtain the refined teaching flag.
Ding Xiangshi hesitated for a moment, then nodded.
But this time, it was the Lord of the Third Palace’s turn not to agree.
She looked at Li Yongsheng, frowned and said, “Although the refined teaching flag is of little use, it is excellent for self-defense. For example, it can be used to make a cloak or something. There may not be a ready-made teaching flag in the Taoist palace. ”
When everyone heard this, they were stunned for a moment, and then nodded. This is also possible.
Although this teaching flag is useless, it is tough enough. Just paint it with some colors and put it on your body, and it will become a cloak with amazing defensive power.
There are many disciples in the Four Palaces, and their connections are all over the place. This kind of cloak relies purely on materials and does not require the support of spiritual energy. Who among the high-level cultivators with some skills wouldn’t want to get one and give it to their juniors to use?
The Lord of the Third Palace is rigorous in doing things and is unwilling to make empty promises, so he pointed out this possibility.
Mr. Xishi’s face became more and more ugly – I’m already very wronged, and you don’t even give me a cloak?
/Li Yongsheng smiled, “This is also ve