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prise, among the people who sent Zhan Xiong off, there was also a gorgeously dressed, graceful and beautiful woman. Zhan Xiong did not want to leave at this time, but more wanted to stay in Haojing City. Within, I will continue to struggle for three years.

At this time, I heard this woman say: “Zhan Lang, a man’s ambition should be like a majestic river, running eastward to the sea, why bother to miss the gentle land?!”
Chapter 156: Awarding Officers
/Hearing this, Zhan Xiong still looked a little sad.
“Yan Xia, if that’s the case, then you have to wait for me. Wait for me for three years. After three years, I will definitely be named on the gold list and welcome you to the door!”
Zhan Xiong was a little reluctant to leave, looking at Zhang Jian and Shi Lun at the same time, and said with emotion.
“Brother Zhang Shi, Brother Shi, let’s say goodbye now! See you again in three years!”
Zhang Jian and Shi Lun both nodded.
If nothing unexpected happens, they will stay in Haojing for the past three years. As the number one scholar, Zhang Jian must stay in the Academy of Culture and Sports to do compilation, while as the top two scholar, Shi Lun will try to get into the Academy of Arts and Sports. For the post of sitting in the palace, try to stay in Haojing. If you can get some training as the head of various ministries and institutes before leaving the capital and leave connections, your future transfer will be faster than others in the same year.
When it comes to the future, everyone will work hard.
At this time, the beautiful girl also put on the bamboo hat next to her and stepped into a small sedan next to her.
The sedan gradually moved away, but there was a faint voice coming from inside.
“Slender shoulders, slim waist, sexy, fragrant and rouge-stained, I wish I could hold her in my arms and kiss her!”
Zhang Jian had a strange face. He had been somewhat impressed by this girl before, but he did not expect that this girl was more straightforward than he imagined.
/“What a wonderful woman!”
Zhang Jian couldn’t help but sigh.
Shi Lun also nodded and said: “Brother Zhan is really blessed!”
“It’s a pity that three years is so cruel to a girl. I’m afraid this girl won’t be able to withstand the pressure at home!”
Shi Lunke knew how cruel the years were to the children of his family.
This girl persuaded Zhan Xiong to return to Jixian County to protect Zhan Xiong.
Zhang Jian nodded secretly and remained silent.
This girl from the He family used this method to put an end to Zhan Xiong.
It’s just that Zhan Xiong didn’t know!
After seeing off Zhan Xiong and several other candidates, Zhang Jian soon received the imperial emissary. Unsurprisingly, he, the second-place Wang Qingzhou, and Tanhua Peng Yuanshou were awarded the posts of editor and editor of the Academy of Culture and Sports respectively by Emperor Jingwu.
They are the sixth grade and the seventh grade.
The seventh rank is equivalent to the starting position, and he is an out-and-out “sesame official”, but this is much better than other peo