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easing you. How can I do it?” Destroy your Fang family’s ancestral flag?”

easing you. How can I do it?” Destroy your Fang family’s ancestral flag?”
Fang Zhenren left the parasol and walked into the rain, without any luck to protect himself.
After a long silence, he raised his hand, wiped the rain off his face, flicked it, and spoke decisively, “Whatever you want me to do, just say it. Our ancestors will not lie to us, and we will not hide in this place forever.” Under the protection of our ancestors.”
“There is no need to be so decisive,” Li Yongsheng laughed, “Let’s go north in two days.”
Two days later, during a heavy rain, Li Yongsheng and his party went north.
When they reached Qingshi Pass, they met the vanguard of the Guanlong Army.
As mentioned before, Guanlong County is different from Boling County. The level of military housing here is higher than that of Boling County.
The reason is that combat troops such as the Guanlong Legion are stationed here.
There are more than 200,000 troops directly under the Guanlong Army, guarding the true north and northwest. They are the second line of defense of the Central and Eastern Kingdoms after the border troops stationed on the border.
Theoretically speaking, the Guanlong Legion is mainly wary of the north, which is the pressure from Rouran, and also takes into account the northwest. There are other legions in the northwest, and Guanlong is slightly farther from the northwest.
More strictly speaking, they belong to the peripheral defense line of Youzhou County. Once the Rouran Kingdom crosses the border, even if it defeats the border army, it will still have to face the defense of the Guanlong Army, and it is impossible to directly approach Youzhou.
At the same time, if the Rouran Army does not attack Youzhou and wants to go south directly to plunder the population and property of the Central Plains, it will also face the encirclement and suppression by the Guanlong Army.
/The mobile defense area of ??this legion is huge, and its combat power is also very powerful, not inferior to that of the frontier army.
Now that Rouran is stirring up trouble at the border, it is inevitable that the Guanlong Army will advance northward, creating pressure on Rouran.
However, what is somewhat speechless is that the troops directly under the Guanlong Army are under the orders of the Military Service Department, but the auxiliary forces mainly rely on the Guanlong area.
This military system is very complicated and cannot be explained at the moment. In short, it contains various checks and balances.
When Commander Kun goes north, the Guanlong Army must go north. They are under the management of the Military Service Department, but the Tiger Talisman is in the hands of Da Sima. As long as Li Qingming doesn’t interfere, there will be no problem with the transfer.
/It is impossible for Minister Li to interfere.
The Guanlong Army Corps was heading north, and there was a problem of logistical pressure. Although there were auxiliary troops in the Army Corps, they mainly relied on local cooperation.
The Guanlong military envoy came