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like fairy flower embroidered on it, and the beauty of the flower contrasted with the red.

A group of male cultivators were immediately fascinated. Even Lei Guangtang couldn’t resist it, and the roar of Lei Guang Invincible became a little more delicate.
Facing such a group of delicate beauties, the masculinity was offset a lot.
This competition is very different from the previous ones. Because of the relationship between Wang Meng and Yang Ying, there is a lot less gunpowder and more of a discussion.
Lei Guangtang: Wang Meng, Suo Ming, Zhou Qian, Ma Tianer, Liu Mei.
Fei Feng Tang: Yang Ying, Gao Dandan, You Yuqing, Shu Rou, Wan Fanghua.
The lineup of Lei Guangtang is very clear. There are no secrets at all. Apart from Wang Meng, they are Suo Ming and Zhou Qian. Ma Tianer’s main ability is the art of controlling beasts. But here at Feifengtang, I’m afraid no one will give it. The opportunity for her to use Ling Fusion **, as for Liu Mei, was just a matter of chance. Even at the level of Baicao Hall, she was no match, let alone Fei Feng Hall.
/This is the pinnacle of Zhongsan Hall.
The elder of Feifengtang is Jingyanyun Jianxiu. She is more calm than Zhao Ya, but it can be seen that she is not from a noble family like Zhao Ya, but the years have not damaged her beauty, adding a bit of maturity and elegance. .
Jing Yanyun also looked at Wang Meng quietly. It was the first time she had seen this new elder who had been rumored a lot. There were already too many legends. What on earth was he capable of?
“Xiaoying, let’s start.”
“Yes, master.” Yang Ying said respectfully.
Yang Ying didn’t look at Wang Meng from beginning to end, “The first scene, Gao Dandan.”
“Yes, senior sister!”
Gao Dandan walked to the field and looked at Lei Guangtang, “Who in Lei Guangtang is willing to give me advice?”
Gao Dandan is a swordsman, so Zhou Qian must be in trouble. “Suo Ming, go up and learn from Senior Sister Gao’s clever tricks.”
“Yes, boss!”
Zhou Qian jumped onto the field with a pair of hammers, landed with a bang, and looked at Gao Dandan coldly. Gao Dandan also looked at his opponent. He looked a bit rough, but he had a good temperament and was very manly.
“Junior Brother Suo, please.”
“Sister Gao, please.
Suo Ming’s voice did not contain any fluctuations. As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed over with the hammer in hand, without any hint of pity.
Gao Dandan was stunned. Who would have thought that his opponent would be so ungentlemanly? Anyone who had fought against Feifengtang in the past had not been courteous. This is good, you are really rude.
She stepped back lightly, but she forgot one thing. Suo Ming is a physical practitioner, and the speed of physical training is faster than that of swordsmanship, and she didn’t seem to realize what her opponent was here to do.
Suoming is here to fight!
Every battle has to be life-threatening. He only wants to win. Any beauty is just a cloud in his eyes. Since the death of the Lin family girl, his heart has been as calm as water. On the battlefield, there is n