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Li Yongsheng’s rejection actually made him even more excited, “If you don’t put it away, I won’t care about your business in the future!”
Although Ning Zhiyuan is a jester and has a bad reputation, what he did to Li Yongsheng , it’s really very particular.
Li Yongsheng could only accept it with shame, and then stood up to leave, “This time I am going back to take the graduation test. When I have some free time, I will come to the capital to visit Eunuch Ning.” “If
you can stay in Chaoyang, it will be much more convenient to visit me.” Ning Zhiyuan waved his hand angrily, obviously still a little unhappy.
But the next moment, he thought of another thing, “Since you insist on going back to Boling County, be careful with Lian Ying. That kid is making a fuss from his heart and his hands are dark.” “Thank you,
/Eunuch Ning, for reminding me,” Li Yongsheng said He bowed and replied with a smile, “I will definitely be more vigilant.”
In fact, more than one person reminded him about Lian Ying’s problem. They all thought that it was not very safe for you, Xiao Li, to return to Boling. It was really better to stay in Chaoyang. never mind.
As soon as Ning Zhiyuan saw his look, he knew that this guy didn’t take it to heart, so he snorted angrily, “You must underestimate him. If something happens, I won’t be able to help you even if I want to help you.”
Li Yongsheng pondered for a moment, Fang Shi asked, “In the current situation, if Lian Ying dies suddenly and in an accident, will there be any changes in the court?”
/Now that he is in power, the trend in the court is becoming more and more strange, and it is terrifyingly calm.
Under such calm, there must be a turbulent undercurrent. Just look at the assassinations of Ning Zhiyuan and Wu Wenhui, and there is no conclusion yet, you know what kind of storm is brewing.
“Huh?” Ning Zhiyuan was obviously stunned for a moment, and then looked him up and down several times as if he had just met him, and then waved his hand slumped, “Sudden death is not good, there have been enough assassinations. If you really want to bring him down, It’s serious to find more problems to raise.”
In good conscience, Eunuch Ning is a risk-taker and is not afraid to use extreme means, but assassination is really a means of breaking through the bottom line, which can easily lead to greater risks. , he felt that he needed to remind the other party.
Li Yongsheng smiled slightly, “Thank you, Eunuch Ning, for reminding me. It turns out I thought simply.”
After he left, Ning Zhiyuan sat on the chair blankly. After a while, he shook his head with a smile, “Kill Lian Ying? “This baby is really loud.”
After receiving one thousand taels of gold, Li Yongsheng did not say hello to anyone, and quietly left Beijing early the next morning.
This time, he was riding a long-distance carriage, and traveling with him was Zhang Muzi—it was impossible to hide his whereabouts from her.
But what was very bad was that when he changed to a carriage, he was inevitably seen by othe