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ion around him and found no clues. The situation in the room was as if the assassin appeared out of thin air and then disappeared out of thin air after succeeding.

Metcalfe’s staff walked into the dressing room and looked at the body on the chair. There was no fear that the president had been killed, but a look of worry.
“How is it?” Metcalf’s staff asked the extraordinary worshiper.
“Super master, I have never heard of a killer being able to do such an assassination in so many years without leaving any traces. There was only one stab from beginning to end. Because the stab was so fast, he didn’t even have a chance to react when he died. No!” Chaofan worshiper shook his head and sighed.
“Ask the host to announce that the Flagg Award is suspended, and all participants must re-verify their identities and undergo a full body check!” Metcalf’s staff said with a frown.
He knew very well who had done this, but he couldn’t say.
This extraordinary offering is only a government offering. It is not President Louis’s personal extraordinary offering like the ten deceased extraordinary beings, so there are some things that he cannot say out loud.
Metcalfe’s staff also understood the consequences of re-examining the identities of all participants, especially conducting full body checks on these people.
All the people attending the meeting here are important figures in the research community. As long as this is done, it will inevitably cause dissatisfaction among these people.
President Louis’s power in the Federal Institute was greatly affected by the death of Dean Constable, and doing so now will only exacerbate this effect.
But the threat from ‘Federal God of War’ David is even greater. Now it is certain that David must be among these people, so how could Metcalfe’s staff let go of such a good opportunity.
Metcalf’s staff took another look at the body on the chair. It was hard for him to imagine what he would face if the body was really President Louis!
Yes, the person who came to attend the Flagg Award today was not President Louis himself, but a stand-in for President Louis.
President Louis insisted on not leaving the presidential palace, but in order to win over Vice President Balfour of the Federal Institute and to strengthen his image as a people-friendly person, he came with a substitute.
/Using a stand-in is something you can do but can’t say.
Now that the substitute is dead here, he cannot tell people in the outside research community, because once he tells it, the consequences will be equally serious.
“Everyone, I have just been notified that President Louis cannot attend the award ceremony due to security reasons. The Federal Intelligence Agency suspects that there is an assassin hidden among the guests attending this meeting. Therefore, it is necessary to re-verify your identity and inspect your belongings. , please cooperate with us!” The host also said with a bad look.
“Boom!” Everyone participating in the meeting below suddenly stood up, and noisy voices rang in the conference hall.
In the confere