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Unlike some branch halls that only know how to suppress junior brothers and sisters and steal credit, Huoyundang doesn’t do that!
At this moment Song Zhong stood there even more proudly.
Zhao Guang hid in an inconspicuous corner. He came to see Lei Guangtang make a fool of himself, but when he saw Song Zhong, he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. This man was just a disciple with a foreign surname. Why did the patriarch think so highly of him and take charge of Huoyuntang?
This is the mind. Those who achieve great things cannot do it without a bit of mind. No matter how capable they are, they are still very limited!
Cough cough cough
“Scared me!”
An unexpected sound startled everyone. Zhang Xiaojiang, who thought he had already crossed his legs, ran out.
Although he was in a very embarrassed state and was in tatters, Zhang Xiaojiang was still alive! ! !
The disciples of the Lei Guang Hall saw a miracle, and they hugged and cheered. This was like a piece of cake dropped from heaven. They were bombarded by a combination of talismans and were still fine. This was simply a piece of bad luck!
The talismans contained a lot of area-of-effect damage. Even the top half of the 7,749 talismans would never be able to stand up, unless the fat man’s Yuan Power far exceeded the twentieth level, but it was simply impossible!
Wang Meng finally showed a relieved smile and sat down slowly, “Xiao Jing, this is very important to you, watch it carefully.”
Hu Jing nodded seriously, and something seemed to happen at that moment.
“What you did just now doesn’t count, start over!” Zhang Xiaojiang was still more embarrassed than when he first appeared, but there was an indescribable confidence on his chubby face, which was a little less arrogant and a little more excited.
Yao Yuan’s talisman bow was pointed at Zhang Xiaojiang, “Junior Brother Zhang, even if you are lucky enough to be blessed by God, you will not be able to escape defeat today!”
This was the stage for his senior brother to show off, and it was also the time for him to repay Song Zhong. He wanted to give the glory of victory to his senior brother, and he would never allow any obstruction.
Miso miso miso
Three talisman-shaped arrows shot at Zhang Xiaojiang. As they approached, the three trapping dragon formations exploded at the same time. Not to mention the bow cultivator, even the fastest physical cultivator would never be able to dodge it!
/Zhang Xiaopang remained motionless, as if he knew he couldn’t escape and simply gave up.
At the same time, Yao Yuan started to hang up his talisman. He didn’t believe that his opponent’s luck could still be that good. There is only one chance to avoid the vital parts under the bombardment of so many fire symbols.
But at this moment, a strange smile appeared on the corner of Zhang Xiaojiang’s mouth.
Disappeared in plain sight!
The trapped dragon formation was completely empty!
Yao Yuan’s eyes almost fell out, how could he disappear? ? ?
/Just when everyone was shocked, Zhang Xiaojiang sudden