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as hanging on the treetop

When Wang Meng returned to Lei Guangtang after all the hardships and saw the simple thatched hut, Wang Meng couldn’t help but sigh, it was definitely not as good as his own thatched hut.
Not far away, Zhou Feng’s door also opened, “Damn, where did you go? I thought you died outside.”
Wang Meng smiled and said, “I came back from the trip, but I didn’t meet the beautiful woman and was slaughtered by a group of monsters. Fortunately, I am blessed with good fortune.”
Wang Meng’s body was in tatters, and he really looked like a rag picker. Although the fifteenth level of Yuan Power was not enough to fly with a sword for a long time, it was enough for him to come back after a few breaks.
“You brat, how many times have I told you that it’s great to be an alchemist, it’s elegant and safe, but if you have to be a hard swordsman, what do you want me to say!”
Zhou Feng said earnestly.
“I said, Lao Zhou, can you let me have a full meal first, and then slowly listen to your chatter?”
/Wang Meng smiled and said, Zhou Feng must have been a street aunt in her previous life.
“You guys treat my place as a canteen!” He said so. Zhou Feng had quite a lot to eat here, and he seemed to be well prepared.
Wang Meng ate and drank without ceremony, eating and drinking so much that Zhou Feng, who was standing by, was dumbfounded.
After hearing Wang Meng’s experience, Zhou Feng couldn’t help but sigh, “Tell me, why did you provoke Yan Yuyue so well? Alas, if you became Master Zhou’s disciple, she wouldn’t dare to borrow Yan Yuyue’s courage.”
The Holy Church will not offend Ba Tiantang for a disciple of the branch. But if it is a disciple of the Patriarch, that is another matter. The disciples of the Patriarch are themselves elders, and Ba Tiantang is not easy to do.
“Old Zhou, it’s none of my business. I am also a victim. Besides, I didn’t know that the old man would have enemies. Fortunately, they just came to me to understand the situation, but they overestimated my strength.”
Wang Meng smiled. Flying with a sword was completely physical work for low-level practitioners.
“You are lucky this time. Be careful next time. You are very popular. I haven’t seen you during this period. Many people came to see you, especially that Ma Tian’er. This kid is good. You can consider it.
Zhou Feng smiled.
Wang Meng almost choked, and then he realized that Zhou Feng seemed to be full of joy, “Old Zhou, are you and Elder Lu?”
Wang Meng touched his thumbs and smiled a little ambiguously, a little bit coquettishly.
Zhou Feng was a little embarrassed, “Ahem, Elder Po Lu and I were lovers when we were young. Alas, I focused on refining alchemy and neglected her. Small conflicts turned into big ones and we are now like this. But this matter is thanks to you. Through your matter, the two of us also had a rare communication, and suddenly realized that we have been against each other all these years because we care about each other.”
/After talking about it, Zhou Feng showed a happy smile on his face.
“Haha, congratulations