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the battle. The fighting will of the Cui family, which had already shrunk, completely collapsed. Before the support troops from Hanshan Academy and Kuji Sword Gate arrived, they directly attacked Signed a city alliance with Zhu Tiejai.

The land was ceded as compensation and a deed was signed as an attachment. From then on, the Cui family of Yugui not only became a de facto vassal family of Xue Po Ridge, but also provided a heavy share of the annual income to Xue Po Ridge, and the family’s classics room and The warehouses were even emptied. This is the biggest benefit of the monk sect or family surrendering, the inheritance of the cultivating tradition and the huge wealth accumulated over the years.
However, Zhu Tiejai was extremely kind. He did not carry out further forced searches. The Cui family of Ghost Control was afraid that the reinforcements from Hanshan Court and Kuji Sword Sect would arrive, so they gathered the blood monks and razed the entire Tiangui Pavilion to the ground, completely destroying it. The blood and orthodoxy of his Cui family. Zhu Tiejai was also afraid that after the arrival of the other two monks, his own interests would be divided, so he signed an agreement early with a little force. It would be more cost-effective than sharing it with the other two forces. What’s more, a lot of blood clan members will be saved from death. The clan protection formation accumulated by Tiangui Pavilion for hundreds of years is not easy to break. Zhu Tiejai is very good at calculating this.
/Before the monk troops from Hanshan Academy and Kuji Sword Sect were really close, the entire Ghost Control Cui family was eaten up by Zhu Tiejai. This made it difficult for the monks from the two sects to fight for food, even though everyone knew they were here. Grab the advantages and get the benefits, but they are all big people after all. They can do shameless things, but they can never be put in a bright and real place.
Su Yu’s aunt Su Qing led the army to attack the Zhifu Wang family. Half a month ago, the only surviving ancestor of the Wang family had a direct battle with Su Qing and was defeated. She was seriously injured and fled. Not long after, she died in the ancestral land of the Wang family. . Although the fight between the two is secretive and the process is unknown, the result is obvious. For a time, Su Qing was also recognized as a high-level monk on the ninth level of Qi Refining by the entire Qinling monks. The entire Blood Soul clan, the seventh highest level within the clan, covering three generations of old, middle and young people, was so prominent and powerful that it was completely suppressed. The ambition of all ambitious people.
/Chapter 225: Merit the talents, regardless of quirks
The pattern of the Blood Soul Clan as the first family, the first force, and the first bloodline in the Qinwang Ridge was finally finalized, and was gradually accepted and recognized by the monks all over the world. Faced with Su Qing’s strong rise, and her legendary top-level spiritual weapon, the Southern Flam