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“Everyone, the Refining Pavilion always values ??cooperation. Those who are interested can bid for this Rongling Ring.”

Everyone was in an uproar. A perfect spiritual spirit ring can only be found but not sought. Yan Yuqi’s skills are indeed generous. Although there are twenty-five techniques that can definitely refine a perfect spirit, there is no guarantee. It is theoretically possible to succeed every time.
“Of course, like the Zhan family, with the support of the Holy Church, they naturally don’t need this spirit ring.”
Yan Yuqi glanced at this and added another sentence.
For a moment, the surroundings fell silent, and Zhan Yuan Pavilion’s expression changed. Although Zhan Yingluo was the most precious thing of the Zhan family, the Zhan family also had descendants, and it was time to have a true essence beast. A perfect top-notch one. The Rongling Ring can accommodate a more powerful True Essence Beast, which will also be of great help to the True Essence Beast’s future growth attributes. Just now, he was still considering how much he could bid at most. Now, he was directly bought by Yan Yuqi. rejected his idea.
In fact, it’s okay not to, the key is, in front of all the major forces, in full view of everyone, if Yan Yuqi’s words were to use the power of the Refining Pavilion to coerce the Zhan family and slap the Zhan family naked, even It implies that if other major forces and families want to cooperate with the Weapon Refining Pavilion, they must draw a clear line with the Zhan Family and the Holy Church.
“Haha, Brother Zhan, it’s just a broken ring. There are as many as the temple wants.”
Zhou Qian, who had been standing aside without much sense of presence, suddenly spoke up and laughed. Anyone who draws a clear line with the church will regret it in the end. Don’t kneel down to beg.
Some families rubbed their noses and waited to see what would happen. However, there were also some people who were eager to show their closeness to the Refining Pavilion. The head of the Mo family laughed: “Hey, you are bragging and don’t make a draft. Doesn’t this Brother Zhou know? What is the meaning of the word perfect? ??How can the so-called perfection be more or less? It’s really ridiculous.”
The heads of several other families followed suit and burst into the same laughter.
/Zhou Qian didn’t care, the Holy Church never argued with words.
“Pang Hong, be serious.” Zhou Qian just warned Pang Hong lightly.
Pang Hong nodded vigorously and took a deep breath. At this time, he finally selected the materials he needed. It was a bit troublesome, but he finally found what he needed.
Walking to the furnace, Pang Hong took a deep breath again.
Zhan Yuan Pavilion noticed these small movements of Pang Hong and sighed in his heart. Not only did Pang Hong look ugly, but he was also nervous at the scene. Even if he could refine a good Rong Ling Ring, he might not even be able to compare with Song Yiting and Zhuo Meng, let alone Don’t talk about Yan Yuqi’s spiritual work.
/Everyone else also noticed Pang Hong’s little act