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nd, it is Zhu Peng who is giving other bloods Practitioners set an example.

“Did you see that my concubine, the High Priest of Blood, will not be brought to Blood Soul Ridge if she does not have the blood of the Blood Soul clan? Those of you seventh aunt, eighth aunt, and relatives who are beyond your reach, please do not move to Blood Soul Ridge. .” Monks who do not have the true spirit bloodline of Blood Soul Ridge are not allowed to move to Blood Soul Ridge under normal circumstances after 2012. They can only buy a household registration in Blood Soul Giant City on their own or based on the power and influence of the recommender. The tributes of the clan live in the Blood Soul City, “nine floors around” inside, in the middle and outside.
/After defeating the poisonous dragon son Li Zhe, Zhu Peng was not as what most people thought. Although he won miserably, he was seriously injured due to the backlash of that terrible stunt and needed to immediately return to Blood Soul Ridge for retreat to heal his injuries. He directly moved into the innermost courtyard of the Blood Soul Giant City, and then stayed in seclusion for two days to recuperate. After recuperating his true energy, Zhu Peng came out again to take charge of various affairs in the Blood Soul Ridge.
Zhu Peng’s relaxed posture and strong physique directly extinguished many thoughts in Blood Soul City that were ready to move. At the same time, there were reports in Blood Soul Ridge that Poison Dragon Son Li Zhe had been seriously injured. His flesh and bones were beaten to a six-mature state, and he had to at least be in seclusion for recuperation. Three years of news.
/Li Zhe’s three-year retreat was in sharp contrast to Zhu Peng’s leisurely escape after two days of retreat. At this point, the monks in the entire Blood Soul Ridge and Blood Soul City were all dismayed at Zhu Peng’s leapfrog victory over the poisonous dragon son Li Zhe. There was no objection to the result, and even the Li clan members were the first to admit this result. It has to be said that many Li clan monks were frightened to the extreme by Zhu Peng’s terrifying cultivation. Even if they wanted to cause harm, they could only dare to He is stumbling in the dark and has absolutely no interest in a head-on confrontation with Zhu Peng.
“If I lose my mind someday and turn to the Shinto practice, I’m afraid I can build the foundation in one day, soar into the air in two days, and my strength will be exhausted in three days. When the evil gods descend, I can immediately ascend as a servant of the gods. “Due to the madness of faith and bloody merit, Zhu Peng’s Shinto skills are increasing day by day. At this moment, there is a faint red light circle behind Zhu Peng’s body, which is dazzling and blurred. In the unreality, it just appears. The majesty of the endless divine way is incomparably intimidating. If you are a practitioner of pupil magic, it will not be difficult to see the ferocious and roaring seven-headed demonic dragon.
This is the result of the rapid inflow of a large amount of