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Meng Ningzi also recognized the poison on Jia Yuan and said: “The purple fairy grass and sleeping rock pure lotus I need grow in the Ziwu Gorge in the inland sea. If you don’t mind, let me lead the way.” , Brother Jinlang?”
Wang Meng nodded and said, “This is my first time here.”
You don’t need divine consciousness to feel that the power of law is driving the mist. According to common sense, mist belongs to water and air to wind. However, this sea of ??mist also contains another kind of profound power.
As they walked forward, Meng Ningzi suddenly stamped her feet and made a silencing gesture.
Everyone hurriedly stopped and formed a defensive formation. At this time, they heard a faint sound of a piano coming from the sea of ??fog.
“If your life is less than 1,000, close your heart immediately. Don’t try in vain. This is the god-controlling scream of the Sea of ??Mist Demon. Be careful not to be controlled by her.”
Meng Ningzi said, pulling up the long bow, holding her breath, and saw a purple arrow of true energy emerging from the bow string.
/The bow guarded, Donghuang guarded the purple, and with a curse, eight purple qi dispersed and fell on everyone at once.
In an instant, the sound of the piano disappeared, but what was heard was a hoarse scream.
Yi Qinwen breathed a sigh of relief and said: “This is just the weakest piano demon in the inner sea. I almost couldn’t defend the sea of ??consciousness just now.”
Wang Meng smiled, it’s quite interesting that Zi Qi Dong Lai**, purple is the ultimate qi, white gas, red breath, green rainbow, purple qi, in terms of power, the Wang family’s Tianxuan Fire Cloud Skill is better than Zi Qi Dong There are many attacks, but in terms of durability, Ziqi Donglai is even better.
“Now is not the time to relax, there is something else.” Wang Meng’s ears twitched, and he heard a burst of secret footsteps among the screams.
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw dozens of pairs of shining eyes emerging from the thick fog.
“Fog ghost!”
Yi Qinwen’s face turned green. If he encountered a fog ghost in the inland sea, he was almost certain to die. These fog ghosts were almost invincible in the fog sea. No matter how they fought, as long as there was fog, the fog ghosts could receive a steady stream of repairs. .
Meng Ningzi blinked her eyes and did not take action. Instead, she looked at Wang Meng. She wanted to see Wang Meng take action again.
Wang Meng was also blinking. Seeing Meng Ningzi looking over, he said, “Miss Meng, it’s up to you.”
Meng Ningzi opened her eyes wide in shock, why is this person so cowardly?
Wang Meng is not a coward, but his true energy is limited and he cannot easily take action.
At this time, the mist ghost was getting closer and closer. Meng Ningzi was speechless. She opened her magical bow and turned a purple gas into an arrow. The East Emperor controlled the purple and Kunlun killed the evil!
——Thousands of arrows fired!
/In an instant, thousands of purple arrows were shot out, and dozens of fog ghosts were instantly beate