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ultivation Academy.

But no one has ever been able to do this to Wang Meng. He completely went against the rules and made trouble in the temple. It can be said that he overturned all the rules. Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the Cultivation Academy, he was still unstoppable.
“When this kid talked about it, I just took it as a joke.”
Wu Fatian shrugged exaggeratedly, “We originally wanted to send these guys there, but we spent a huge amount of resources and we haven’t recovered yet.”
“Haha, Senior Brother Wu, now it seems that the decision made that time was really the right one!”
Zhao Tianlong said that dealing with Zhao Guang had no impact on the Zhao family. The heir identified from the beginning was Zhao Lingxuan. In fact, Zhao Lingxuan had a close relationship with Wang Meng and was also very friendly with Lei Guangtang. From the beginning, the Zhao family was invincible. Now that Zhao Guang’s path is cut off, Zhao Tianlong will of course wholeheartedly follow Zhao Lingxuan’s path.
“It was a desperate situation at the beginning. There was no way to open up the situation in the Killing Space. The Saints and Demons were on the rise, and everyone was in a defensive posture. We could only take a gamble and send Wang Meng and the others over. Isn’t this another village with a bright future?”
Ma Hezi laughed, finally seeing the hope of the temple to be proud.
/“Junior sister Zhou, it’s a good thing that he didn’t take the path of alchemy cultivation, otherwise we would have lost a swordsmanship wizard.”
“Senior Brother Li, who knew at that time!” Zhou Luodan said with a smile. It could be seen that Li Xiuwen was in a very good mood, and he could even tell jokes.
Who is three hundred and forty-nine?
“This kid can always do some incredible things. This spot is very precious. It seems that he has really taken root in the Great Yuan world. We are going to send someone who can help him after he goes there!”
Lei Ting said that as the founder of Lei Guang Hall, he has a lot of decision-making power about this quota, but Lei Ting is not like this. In his heart, he is still willing to do it for the entire temple.
“What did Wang Meng say?” Zhou Luodan asked, “His opinion still has to be the main one on this matter.”
All the patriarchs present nodded. The struggle in the Cultivation Academy was equally fierce and should not be taken lightly.
“Wang Meng means that it is up to Hu Jing to decide. It seems that he trusts Hu Jing very much.”
Li Xiuwen stroked his beard and smiled, “What do you think?”
“I think disciples’ vision is still limited in this matter. It’s better for us to make the decision.”
Zhao Tianlong coughed a few times and said, “Of course, Wang Meng mentioned Hu Jing. We can also ask Hu Jing for her thoughts. What do you think?”
/Lei Lei snorted coldly, “Junior Brother Zhao, you don’t want Zhao Lingxuan to go over, do you?”
Zhao Tianlong’s expression remained unchanged, “Brother Lei, this matter is not about who I want to go through, but who can help Wang Meng, who can help open up the situation, wh