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ples and elders of Wuhuan Demon Sect were stunned.

Regarding Lin Jinghao’s character, even his classmates were speechless, bohemian, not serious when he should be serious, and blindly serious when he shouldn’t be serious, but no matter what, Lin Jinghao was the prince of the Wuhuan Demon Sect. Such a fatal mistake was made at such a critical moment.
The Tianlong stands proudly, there is such an arrogant guy in this world who dares to compete with the Dragon Clan for strength!
At this moment, a vortex appeared on the fighting stage. A vortex suddenly appeared in the area where Yuanli exploded and shattered, and suddenly all the Yuanli that was about to escape was pulled out. The vortex swirled very fiercely, not only dragging in all the power of the explosion, It even attracted a lot of space energy.
A dragon roar rose into the sky.
The huge blue dragon soared into the sky. Nine golden talismans flash from the dragon’s head to its tail. It is said that these talismans contain the secrets of the laws of heaven and earth.
/Jiuyao Qinglong Holy Statue!
The exploding power core was actually digested!
Lin Jinghao arranged his clothes casually, “It tastes good.”
Tianlong’s pupils shrank violently, and he could feel that the dragon’s power was being swallowed by his opponent.
How can this be?
The people of Wuhuan Demon Sect were greatly relieved. This kid was so scary, but the other sect leaders looked at each other in shock.
The core of power formed by the battle between masters is extremely dangerous and terrifying. It is difficult to resist, let alone swallow. It was like eating the bomb as food, and Lin Jinghao’s expression seemed very satisfied.
The secret of Jiuyao Qinglong Body?
Tianlong couldn’t even think about being cautious. The Azure Dragon Icon is nothing, but the Nine Lumins Azure Dragon is a completely different matter. Could it be that Lin Jinghao has understood the secret of the Nine Lumins Azure Dragon?
Tianlong takes action!
Instant kill!
But Lin Jinghao’s figure disappeared. In the blink of an eye, boom
Tianlong was leveled!
I didn’t know what happened for a moment. Tianlong has been stepped on the ground by Lin Jinghao.
At this time, Lin Jinghao seemed to be a different person, with the same uninhibited smile on his face. Just raising his eyebrows makes his eyes reveal endless magic.
Tianlong had never experienced such an insult. Dragon Power violently turned over. Lin Jinghao’s body was like a willow blowing in the wind. He suddenly blocked it with a kick, and his shot seemed to be in slow motion. But the moment it emitted was like lightning.
Tianlong was kicked away.
After retreating tens of meters, Tianlong stabilized his decline. He was stunned, but it was a pity that he hadn’t recovered yet, and there seemed to be another person beside him.
Lin Jinghao had quietly appeared in Tianlong’s ears, “Such a surging vitality, I’m a little thirsty.”
Tianlong punched Lin Jinghao with a loud punch, and this time it hit completely.
But Tianlong’s expression sudde