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he successfully passes the exam as a third-level weapon refiner, the master will naturally be satisfied.

“You left in a hurry last time, and you don’t know your surname?” Although Pang Hong had made a judgment in his mind, as a senior brother, he still acted very cautiously, so as not to give the master an excuse to get angry. After all, for the master, he is very important to the master. What’s right is right, what’s wrong is also right, no one dares to expose it.
“Wang Meng, fierce Meng, brother Pang Hong, I still want to borrow the Qi Dao Room again this time.”
Wang Meng had just seen the prices of the spirit-containing weapons in the Divine Artifact Pavilion. The cheapest first-grade spirit-containing bracelet was actually priced at three thousand gold!
Robbery is not so exaggerated anymore. Come on, it is better to rely on yourself to refine weapons than to ask for help. Master Wang is still very confident. Moreover, the various materials required for the spirit weapon that Wang Meng envisioned are not expensive. They only cost a few dozen gold. You can make two Rongling Bracers.
Pang Hong’s eyes turned and he borrowed it, but he didn’t dare to ask for extra money this time. He said: “Brother Wang, you are always like this, we are in trouble, you don’t know, when the master found out that day, he was so angry that he almost died Kill me.”
Pang Hong looked at Wang Meng, boy, don’t tell me you don’t understand, it’s not easy for me to make extra money.
/Wang Meng smiled and looked at Pang Hong’s rolling eyes. He knew in his heart that Mr. Wang, who had experienced hundreds of battles, didn’t understand anything.
“Brother Pang has been implicated. In the past, I only heard that the Divine Artifact Pavilion was the best in the world in refining weapons, and its disciples were very arrogant. Only when I met Brother Pang did I realize that the rumors were untrue. Brother Pang helped out with great righteousness.”
Mr. Wang has been around for a long time, and he can’t do anything else except flattery.
Pang Hong was happy. This guy was quite wise, which was good. He liked to deal with smart people.
“Haha, forget it, for the sake of your sincerity, I will let you use it once, but this will not happen next time. If you can really pass the test of the Artifact Pavilion, I will protect you in the future.”
“Thank you, Brother Pang!”
Wang Meng quickly stuffed a money bag. Damn it, this was really his last possession, but he couldn’t do it without it. Of course, Pang Hong accepted it without hesitation.
/Not to mention, although Pang Hong makes extra money, he is very generous. The place is given to Wang Meng and he can take materials at will, so he is also a good businessman.
Pang Hong “examined” Wang Meng here and confirmed his judgment. If this guy can return it to the master, he will be a great god.
As for what the master said about finding the person, he didn’t take it seriously at all. Anyway, the person was already in the Artifact Pavilion, and his name was also asked. He was now focusing on the third-grad