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d will win, but it will only create a lot of murderous karma, and it is meaningless.

It can be said that the Blood Soul’s all-out attack against the Dongyue Taishan Sword Sect was entirely based on Zhu Peng’s personal prestige as the reason for promoting the war. If it had not been prepared for a long time, it would have been earth-shattering once it was launched. The war went smoothly and even exceeded According to Zhu Peng’s expectation, Blood Soul Pavilion’s “mobilization of fighting desire” would not reach the level it does today.
/However, Zhu Peng knew that once the Dongyue Taishan Sword Sect regained its strength and launched a fierce counterattack, the anti-war voice that had just subsided in the Blood Soul Pavilion would inevitably rise again, and an undoubted situation must be created in a short period of time. Only the result of a great victory and fighting can push Zhu Peng to advance his plans. Although Tianmen Taoist Master’s personal appearance was perfect in terms of personal moral character and leadership responsibility, his personal appearance really gave Zhu Peng the greatest opportunity to advance his plan.
“The force is overwhelming Mount Tai, and the sword is cutting down the Tianmen. I use the power to destroy Dongyue, take it with courtesy, and go west to Huashan. In the face of the people of the world, Mr. Yue, the “qianqianjunzi”, makes a choice. Either allow me to join the Huashan sect sincerely, or watch. With the help of Dongyue Taishan, who is inseparable from each other, I destroyed the family. I gave him all the honor, face, benefits and face. Even if Yue Buqun was afraid of me, he could not refuse the huge benefits offered by my hands. Although, how many times would it take? I have been somewhat suppressed, but my actions will definitely advance the speed of integration between Earth Star and Jiangzhou monks. Then, the sword will point directly at the Doomsday Heavenly Way, not to mention that Huashan is one of the protagonist sects in this calamity. The inheritance of the sect’s roots is very interesting. , even if I had to endure it for two years under the pressure of Yue Buqun, I would endure it for Feng Qingyang and “Zixia Tongtian”.”
/Standing on the steep wall of a high hillside, the strong wind was blowing Zhu Peng’s dark robe. After sorting out all the thoughts and plans in his heart, Zhu Peng waved his sleeves, and countless figures moved together under them, counting them in detail. , more than seventy, almost all the foundation-building elites that the Southern Blood Soul can mobilize.
At the same time, Taoist Priest Tianmen who was quietly adjusting his breath in the distance suddenly stood up, opened his eyes and glanced around. If he just wanted to hide under Zhu Peng’s aura, he might still be able to avoid Tianmen for a long time. The heart of the sword sensed, but as Zhu Peng waved his sleeves, these more than seventy foundations came out of the cage like fierce tigers, with murderous intent and murderous intent overflowing. Although they were dozens of miles away,