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d by the explosion would have caused greater damage to Heisi Super. However, due to the fusion of fourth-grade materials, part of the power shock was blocked. weaken.

This is why Heisi Chaofan is so confident. He dares to use his body to block defensive missiles because he believes that his ‘super armor’ can block defensive missile attacks.
As for the anti-aircraft rapid-fire cannon, its power is even smaller, and its impact on Heisi’s extraordinary is almost non-existent.
/Just when Heisi Chaofan was still one kilometer away from the Heisi, Heisi Chaofan saw the hatch of the Heisi open towards him, revealing the soldier lying inside.
A super-large-caliber sniper rifle, with a caliber far exceeding that of an ordinary sniper soldier’s sniper rifle, was pointed at him.
Almost instinctively, Heisi Chaofan immediately hid his whole body behind the third-level shield, and then with a ‘boom’, it was not the sniper rifle in David’s hand that fired the sniper bullet, but a sniper bullet that had been prepared long ago. The cannon fired a laser beam.
If Heisi Chaofan hadn’t been afraid of David’s sniper attack, he wouldn’t have completely retreated behind the third-level shield, so that he could still make a judgment and calmly dodge the secondary gun attack.
The huge laser beam impacted on the third-level shield. The third-level shield showed terrifying defensive power and was not destroyed by the laser beam attack.
But Heisi’s extraordinary body was bombarded by laser beams and thrown backward at a faster speed than when it came.
Heisi Chaofan felt that huge force was transmitted to his body through the third-level shield. Although the ‘super armor’ offset some of the force, the remaining force still strained his muscles and crushed his bones. cracks, and his internal organs were also severely damaged by the impact.
Especially his left arm, which was holding a third-level shield. The bones in his left arm were completely broken at this moment, and it was all supported by his shoulder, which caused several of his shoulder bones to break.
“I will kill you, I will definitely kill you!” Hess roared madly.
In order to leave alive, Heisi Chaofan used the impact of this time to burn the extraordinary power into the power to push his body back faster, which made his figure fly faster into the distance.
“Catch up!” Principal Lake Chaofan shouted.
However, he does not dare to burn the extraordinary power like Heis Chaofan. Every trace of extraordinary power is extremely important to Chaofan and is the foundation of extraordinary strength.
This is also the reason why ‘Transcendent Crystal’ has become the most precious currency among the extraordinary.
Once Chaofan burns his extraordinary power, it means desperate efforts, but this time Heisi Chaofan just tried his best to escape.
In just a short period of time, the secondary batteries attacked continuously and the Heiss accelerated its flight. These all caused the Heiss’s energy to be used rapidly, making the Heiss’s energy supply no longer able to support the consump