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dormant in the depths of the territory covered by the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom slowly rose up, with more spiritual energy than before.

There is also boundless golden light descending from the sky, and a golden dragon of luck is formed in an instant.
The golden dragon had nowhere to rely on, and it disdained the thirty-six great treasures of the Demon Emperor, and it remained coiled in the air for a long time.
“You bastard, who put you up there?”
Taisu snorted coldly, raised his five fingers in the sky, and the sky-covering bird’s claws tore through the void and came down, grabbing the dragon’s head and pressing it hard into the Demon Imperial City.
The demons were dumbfounded, and the people were also confused. Such a fresh and refined king of a country was definitely the first one in history.
That is the Golden Dragon of Luck. He has a temper. Even in Daxia, Emperor Ji would whisper softly to comfort him. If you do this, you won’t be afraid of the Golden Dragon getting angry and leaving.
Don’t be afraid!
The lucky golden dragon was very angry. He appeared so majestic and heroic, so he couldn’t bear this kind of grievance.
After one punch, you will be as honest as you want.
/If it weren’t for the wrong species, he could learn the language on the spot.
This is how it is when a child is born. If he is given a spanking, he will learn the rules.
The Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons has obtained the Golden Dragon of Luck, and across the land covered by the territory, the little demons noticed changes in themselves. They couldn’t tell exactly what it was, but they just felt that the bottleneck of bloodline refining seemed not as far away as before.
This change is most obvious when it comes to great demons, especially in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom where a group of demons gather. When even dozens of great demon bloodlines cross the bottleneck, their strength soars in an instant.
The team of Daxia envoys saw this scene in their eyes, and there was no need to express the horror in their hearts. They hurried back after the ceremony.
The departure of the human race attracted cheers and encouragement from all the demons. As the only center of the Demon Imperial City and even the Ten Thousand Demons Kingdom, Tai Su was covered in golden light and his back was infinitely tall.
At this moment, he is the god of the demon clan.
/So will the future.
“We pay homage to His Majesty” xN
All the demons bowed their heads and knelt to welcome their own sun. The Demon King’s prestige reached its peak at this moment.
Tai Su was bathed in the admiration of everyone, and the blood of the three-legged golden crow was extremely excited. The shamelessness engraved in his soul was also very useful at this time.
The two are combined, the thoughts are clear, the invincible strength is improved, and finally turns into a hearty laugh.
Among the monsters, Feng Biao, the current leader of the Phoenix clan, looked at him with envy and admiration. When he first met Taisu, he felt that this monster was domineerin