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ertainly be implicated in the cause and effect, but with their tyrannical individual survivability far exceeding that of any natural creature, the casualty rate of the monks in a world-destroying nuclear weapon will definitely be far lower than that of 6 billion mortals, really If you have the will, even with the current power of the monk world, you can bring the humans on earth back to primitive society in one fell swoop within ten years.

With such a grasp of the power gap between life and death and disillusionment, it is obvious that the monks in the world have a sense of superiority that ignores the power of mortals. If I don’t destroy you, it doesn’t mean that I can’t destroy you, but I don’t have the idea, so I am too lazy to destroy you. Therefore, Zhu Peng’s direct counterattack against the power of six billion mortals aroused the displeasure of both Su Xin and Li Zhe. Not to mention that the power of six billion mortals could not be fully integrated, even if they were all integrated, in front of the monks, It’s nothing more than ‘cultivation materials’ for extracting souls, refining souls, and turning flesh into marrow.
/Fortunately, Zhu Peng quickly gave a reasonable explanation for his words: “I am not saying that the so-called accumulation of scientific and technological power of six billion mortals can pose any essential threat to us. What I mean by head-on attack is the ‘heart attack’.” ’, the ‘spiritual’ rather than the physical level.”
/While pointing to his heart, Zhu Peng explained in words: “The high priest Liu Bowen of the Ming Dynasty slayed the dragon Jie Tian, ??and relied on the power of dragon energy inherited from ancient times in China to temporarily isolate the entire earth star from the way of heaven. Therefore, the earth star Human beings have recuperated and recuperated, and today they have actually reproduced six billion people, which is an unimaginable huge number in the immortal civilization. In this small realm of the earth and star wrapped in dragon energy, more than six billion living beings even include The weak will of animals and plants gradually merged with the originally relatively weak will of the planet. Finally, the “little heaven” unique to the earth and star was formed, similar to the eternal heaven, or “Gaia consciousness” as the Buddhists call it. Alaya Consciousness, or Pangu, or Nuwa, no matter what it is called, it is a collection of consciousnesses of all living beings on the earth and stars, and the coordinated formation of the “collection of earth and star consciousnesses” is what I am telling you in my words. It is not mortals who fight back head-on, but this ‘collection of earth and star consciousness’. To simplify the terminology, I will call it: ‘Gaia consciousness’ because it is easy for both ‘Alaya’ and ‘Pangu’ and ‘Nuwa’ It causes the instinctive misunderstanding among monks all over the world.”
The long words made Zhu Peng’s mouth dry. After taking a sip of spiritual tea, Zhu Peng gathered his thoughts and continued: “Originally, this consciousness