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Too stubborn.

What about the promised land in the far west where everyone is arrogant and domineering?
The behavior of Shi Wuchang and Ugly Faced Buddha gave Lu Bei a new understanding of the Far West. He looked at Gu Zongchen and then at Tu Yuan.
The three of us are so strong!
If the three of them continue to walk together, a situation like the Ugly Faced Buddha will only happen again and again in the secret realm.
No, we have to break up.
Lu Bei counted his trump cards and was confident that if Jiang Suxin stepped forward, he could persuade him to ascend. He decisively kicked Gu Zongchen out of the team, leaving Tu Yuan by his side.
As for Shi Wuchang
Lu Bei thought about it and took it with him. The local gang would definitely come in handy.
The vision beside the boundary monument attracted a lot of attention, because it was the land of the far west, and no monk would be stupid enough to come to check it out in person, or perform divination, or sacrifice magic weapons. The Eight Immortals crossed the sea and each showed their magical powers and used various methods to find out the truth. .
/Lu Bei took Tu Yuan and Shi Wuchang away, and turned the latter into Gu Zongchen’s black bald appearance. As for Gu Zongchen himself, he could go wherever he liked, just don’t forget to work in the fields tomorrow.
Gu Zongchen took a step forward and disappeared without a trace. The golden light blocked the detection, and anyone who looked at it was hazy and blurred, unable to see clearly.
The Buddha on earth is powerful and powerful, and the city in the sky looks like a gathering of demons, but if anyone can compete with him, it will most likely be in vain.
Night, deep mountains, fire.
Gu Zongchen sat cross-legged on the green grass, lit a bonfire in front of him, and read a scripture in his hand silently.
/“Finally out!”
Lu Dong turned into black mist, occupying half of Gu Zongchen’s face. The yin and yang appearance was exactly the same as the ugly face during the day. He said angrily: “Little monk, why did you stop me during the day and let you follow that woman? Just follow. I’m afraid I won’t harm you.”
“The color is a bone-scraping steel knife. Donor Lu is obsessed with it and will suffer from it because of his uncertain mind. Although you and him are like a pink skull with white bones and flesh.” Gu Zongchen said with a frown.
Speaking of which, he didn’t quite understand. Lu Bei’s six roots should be pure after he had cut off his demonic thoughts. He only wanted immortality and had no worldly desires.
However, he is not stingy with meat and vegetables. He has all the desires that mortals have. Not only does he not cut them off, but they are infinitely magnified due to his strength.
Lu Dong laughed heartily, with some disdain: “What nonsense did the monk say? He is him and I am me. How can they be compared? Do you really think that I am greedy for women?”
Gu Zongchen said nothing and looked at Lu Dong through Lu Bei. This was indeed the truth.
“It’s ridiculous. I asked you