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her eyes were filled with fierceness.

At this time, Fengling Phoenix Divine Eyes could see many demonic auras looming around both sides of the white water.
Among them there are some practitioners with profound Taoism.
/These practitioners have long predicted the time for Lord Bai Shui to survive the thousand-year divine catastrophe.
The flesh and blood of a dragon that was once on the verge of transforming into a dragon, dragon beads, and dragon soul are all things that can be encountered but not sought.
However, Fengling’s expression remained unmoved, and it was not easy to find an advantage.
The Red Flower Lady stepped forward, and white water surged in the distance.
She could also see with her eyes that as the Three Nine Thunder Tribulation was about to end, the white dragon spirit began to fall in the void, and many profound and obscure evil spirits were revealed, ready to move.
But at this time, the Red Flower Empress was still calm, and Zhang Jian had already made arrangements for this matter.
Bai Liying has returned to Baishui from Zhenlong Taoist Temple in advance to make arrangements. Strong reinforcements should have been invited at this time. I don’t know where they are in the dark at the moment.
The Red Flower Lady looked into the depths of the white water.
Her guess was correct. In the small courtyard of the Zhang family under the Suolong Dam, Bai Liying and an old man in white robes were standing in front of the pool. The old man in white robes looked at the white dragon above his head in the distance and said with a smile.
“Brother Bai is extraordinary in his Taoism. Under such circumstances, he can actually intensify the Three-Ninth Divine Dao Tribulation. After this calamity, the sky will be as high as birds can fly, and the sea will be as wide as fish can leap. In the future, there will be a period of transforming into a dragon!”
“Uncle has given you too much praise. From now on, we have to rely on uncle to deter those evil spirits!”
Bai Liying looked respectful, but she was still a little worried.
This old man in white robe is none other than the Dragon Lord of the Canal.
The Dragon Lord of Yunhe laughed when he heard this and said, “Niece Bai, you don’t have to be so polite. Don’t worry, with me here, I will definitely not let others ruin Brother Bai’s career!”
He patted his chest and cheered.
The Canal Dragon Lord has the body of a red dragon. Although it is not a real dragon, but just a dragon, it is still a dragon, and his Taoism is not comparable to that of the ordinary Yinshen Lord.
Hearing this, Bai Liying’s eyes flickered and she nodded gently.
But there was something strange in her eyes, but she knew that this Canal Dragon Lord was not as generous as he showed.
At this time, as the last powerful heart-burning thunder fire above the head disappeared, the sound of the white dragon’s roar shook the surroundings. Deep in the dark clouds, a white dragon with countless dragon scales flew out from inside and came towards the white water.
Its dragon body is slender, but its Qi