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bnet he designed is even more special!

Chapter 724: Monopolizing creation and destruction, a matter of great merit
His sub-network of creation contains the power of two roots.
In addition to the source of creation, there is also the source of destruction.
It is both creation, destruction and oneness.
Zhang Jian believes that creation and destruction are similar to the two sides of yin and yang. One side forms a subnetwork of creation. Although it has powerful abilities and can adjust the rules of creation of heaven and earth, it has great limitations.
It would be different if it had both creation and destruction.
On a separate level, a reversal of creation is destruction.
The reversal of destruction is not a blessing.
The two are interdependent. If the creation is too prosperous, it may damage the origin of heaven and earth and let part of the inherent foundation be wasted. At this time, the emergence of destruction can appropriately help heaven and earth stop losses.
On the contrary, a great catastrophe has arisen between heaven and earth, and everything is about to fall into ruins. It can also be absorbed through the rules of the great avenue of destruction, destroying part of the evil spirit of tribulation, and replenishing the world with the vitality of creation.
The Creation Subnet has great potential in many places.
This is more powerful than using a single source of creation to create a subnet of creation.
Of course, the best thing is that among the many first-level main networks of Jinyuan Daotong and the second-level subnets, there are no destruction subnets.
There will be no disputes if he sells sheep’s head to dog meat through the creation subnet.
As for how to mix the two roots into one and turn them into the Divine Network of Creation, Zhang Jian already has an idea in his mind.
Zhang Jian plans to reopen multiple innate divine pools of creation deep in the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm, in order to strengthen the divine power of creation of heaven and earth.
These innate divine pools of creation will become the nodes of the reincarnation of heaven and earth. They can appropriately regulate the changes in the ocean of vitality of part of the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm to avoid the formation of a tide of creation, avoid the birth of the Age of Ending Dharma, and enable the stable development of the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm.
/It is easy to establish the innate divine pool of creation.
Zhang Jian believed that Emperor Danque would definitely support him in this matter.
However, I am afraid that the gods and immortals in the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm will not allow the establishment of a corresponding Destruction Spirit Pool.
It is true that establishing the Destruction Spirit Pond has many benefits. It can dissipate the boundless evil energy of the world and delay the catastrophe, allowing the nine great god emperors of the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm to have more initiative in delaying the catastrophe.
However, when the Destruction Spirit Pool expands to a certain extent, it will also become the center of