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ed the five realms, the laws of heaven and earth cannot restrain their growth in strength. Although it affects freedom to a certain extent, But for high-level monks who often stay in seclusion for several years or even more than ten years, this level of impact cannot be said to be too serious.

Zhu Peng slowly calculated, sketched, and figured it out in his mind. In the end, he was so absorbed in it that he didn’t even know when his father passed away.
/“Let’s go, the night is deep and the dew is cold, and the path of cultivation is long and long, but it cannot be understood and completed overnight.” Su Wenshe’s hoarse and strange voice reached Zhu Peng’s ears, and finally Zhu Peng was moved from I was awakened from that state of confused thinking.
He bent deeply, lowered his head, and said respectfully: “Yes, teacher.”
Nodding, Su Wenshe’s unusually pale cheeks showed no emotion at all, but his strangely dim snake eyes were filled with a strange meaning when he looked at Zhu Peng. “Peng’er.”
“You know what? I envy you.”
/After saying a meaningless sentence, Su Wenshe put his hands into his sleeves. He seemed to be really chilled by the cold wind by Lingwu Lake. He turned around and walked straight back to the military camp. From the beginning to the end, he kept saying: He didn’t say a word to Zhu Peng.
Looking at Su Wenshe’s retreating figure, Zhu Peng turned around and looked at the blue water of Lingwu Lake, and then at the eternal bright moon and starry sky above his head for a long while, and then suddenly A sigh.
“Uncle Snake, with the current prominence of our clan, can’t we restrain the wanton ambition in the teacher’s heart? No matter what, I will not allow you to take that step. I only need to restrain you for four years. After four years, The re-displayed glorious way of heaven will naturally not let you do whatever you want.”
Zhu Peng, who had been reborn once and was deeply aware of the changes in the situation in the next few years, spoke so softly after sighing slightly.
Compared with the iron beast’s overwhelming attack on the ghost-controlling Cui family, and compared with Su Qing’s surprise attack on the paper talisman Wang family’s ten victories, Su Wenshe led an army alone to attack the spirit fox Han family’s pace and tactics, which can only be said to be more than stable. Average. But this is normal, because among the three clan alliances, the Han family has the strongest strength and the deepest foundation. As a true spirit family with the bloodline of ancient strong men, the Han family of Linghu once dominated the entire Qinwangling. At its peak, it was not much inferior to the Blood Soul clan at this time.
It’s just that the fox nature is cunning and cunning, which makes the Linghu family’s reputation in the Qinwang Mountains not very good. In addition, the Lingwu Lake plan was launched some time ago to block the momentum of the Blood Soul Ridge. While killing a large number of blood monks and casual cultivators from various sects, it also completely bankrupted the reputation