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number one person in Xueling Ridge, and he was actually Raptor Taoist. Also be stunned.

With a wave of his sleeve, a bright mirror shining with spiritual light was flying and hovering over Zhu Peng’s head. This was the “imitation Haotian Mirror” that Zhu Peng had photographed at the True Spirit Auction a few years ago. Although it was far away It is not as powerful as the real Shushan Haotian Mirror, but in the past few years, after being fed a lot of blood of the gods by Zhu Peng, it has gradually shown some good effects. In the hands of the powerful Zhu Peng, it only needs it It only plays a role in remote exploration.
With a movement of his hand, a flash of light shone directly into the distance. The next moment, clear things were reflected in the mirror in front of Zhu Peng’s eyes. Among the countless monks holding swords in Taoist robes, he saw the patrol team of Blood Soul Ridge. , has been surrounded in the center.
Not only were everyone injured, Huo Qingman, the leader of the raptors, was even more severely injured. She had at least three penetrating wounds on her body, not counting other minor scratches. There was even one on the girl’s bright little face. The tragic bloody wounds greatly damaged the original delicate beauty.
However, the Earth Star cultivators, who have experienced countless disasters and dangers, have had their nerves polished to the point of being almost as hard as stone when faced with danger.
At this time, the cultivators of the Blood Patrol Team, although they all carry sword wounds, the fighting and killing intent in their eyes are as hot and dazzling as the others. The elites who can join the Blood Patrol Team are soaked in blood. All the fighting masters (except Huo Qingman) know very well that on the battlefield, a cowardly evader will often die earlier than a person who dares to fight and kill. Because they did not generate any power that would make the enemy afraid of taking action.
A huge white wolf roared fiercely and bared its teeth and claws, glaring at Huo Qingman’s side. The assistance of a high-level monster greatly made up for Huo Qingman’s relative lack of personal quality and cultivation.
Chapter 674: Retreat three thousand miles, otherwise we will return to dust.
/This is the white wolf cub that Zhu Peng brought down in the Snowy Mountains back then. Time has changed. The little white wolf pup that only knew how to act coquettishly and cutely has been raised by the Xuepo Ridge and trained by the Xuepo Su family. Next, he gradually became a powerful monster, and Zhu Peng was worthy of his former friend from the monster clan.
In the successive doomsdays, the entire Snow Mountain was completely razed, not to mention the Snow Wolf Clan, which was not very powerful overall. The white wolf adopted by Zhu Peng in Blood Soul Ridge was probably from the Earth Star Snow Wolf Clan. The last incense.
/However, everything has its disadvantages and advantages, because contacting the higher immortal realm will certainly bring about various troubles, conflicts of interest, an