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to the real powerful emperor in the heaven, and to be the supervising emperor of real power, the head of the spiritual officials who was the close relative of Empress Houtu, one of the Six Heavenly Emperors.

This is equivalent to having the protection of Queen Houtu.
Zhang’s business will surely rise as a result.
After Zhang Jian received the golden decree, he went to the heaven to receive the imperial title of the Nine Netherworlds of the Three Realms, and then re-handed over the immortal title of the Eternal Heavenly Monarch.
Immediately, he took Ji and Fairy Nine Spirits away from the Eternal Ice Castle.
It’s just that the traces he left in the Eternal Ice Castle will probably be difficult to eliminate for a long time.
Zhang Jian originally wanted to take advantage of his promotion to go directly to Fengqiao Town to worship his ancestors and show his filial piety.
It’s a pity that since he returned to the Jiuyou Emperor’s mansion on the fifth level of the upper heaven, the immortals and gods who came to congratulate him never stopped.
He can only be ‘forced’ to open business.
For a time, the entire residence of Emperor Jiuyou was very lively.
/Attracting people to and from them, many immortals and gods come and go like clouds.
In addition to colleagues in heaven, there are also some friends, such as the seven fairies who have gradually become familiar with each other, and a bunch of flower fairies, etc.
After seeing off many immortals who came to visit him, Zhang Jian took time to enter Qingyi City and Fengqiao Town in the Eastern Immortal Domain again.
/Eastern Fairyland, Qingyi City, Fengqiao Town.
The Zhang clan members in the Central Heaven Realm have already received the news in advance, and everyone in the clan is waiting here.
At this time, the entire Zhang family was filled with excitement that could not be concealed.
Today, my ancestor has finally crossed the threshold of the real emperor of heaven, and is also the real power supervisory emperor in front of His Majesty the Sixth Queen.
Doesn’t this mean that the Zhang family also has a backer in the Netherworld!
Chapter 603: Worshiping Ancestors Again
Zhang Nan led Fairy Taiyin and many other immortals of the Zhang family to greet him in Fengqiao Town.
As the patriarch of the central heaven branch of the Zhang family, he has been in a high position for a long time, moving his body and cultivating his energy. Every move he makes has the demeanor of a superior. However, after meeting Zhang Jian, he became extremely humble.
Zhang Jian noticed that after tens of thousands of years of practice, Zhang Nan’s progress in practice was not slow, and he was not far away from condensing the Taiyi Dao Fruit.
Zhang Jian waved his hand slightly, indicating to the immortals that there was no need to be polite.
He led the immortals of the Zhang family directly to get to the point.
One is to offer sacrifices to heaven and earth, and the other is to offer sacrifices to ancestors.
Many immortals in the Zhang family have already been looking forward to