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k from any family in Qinwangling.

Hanshanyuan is located in the extreme north of the Qinwang Mountains. It is said that there is an ancient cold jade under its base. The ice is so vast that it can freeze for three hundred miles. The extremely special geographical environment there has also become the absolute barrier for Hanshanyuan to resist threats from all directions. Any monks who practice other than cold-type skills will be suppressed by extremely terrifying skills when they get there. At the ninth level of Qi refining, one level of skill is reduced, and at the fourth level of Qi refining, once there, all the skills are simply reduced.
/Of course, this reduction is not absolute in the long term. Whether you stay away from there or live there for a year and a half, your true energy will gradually recover after your body gradually adapts. It’s just that the monks of Hanshan Academy have a certain degree of skill increase there, so the strength of this sect in Hanshan is the best in the entire Qinwang Ridge, even crushing the Blood Soul Ridge in terms of low and middle-level combat power.
/With this kind of background support, Ye Xuancang would certainly not be as wary of Zhu Peng as Yin Jizhu. Even if Zhu Peng took over the power of Blood Soul Ridge in the future, in his opinion, he would not be able to lead his troops directly into Hanshan Courtyard.
“Lord Sky Snake’s injury hasn’t healed yet. Alas, that’s really a pity. The Blood Sky Snake is so famous, but it’s a pity that it’s rare to see him.”
As he spoke, Ye Xuancang sighed with great regret, but the more he behaved like this, the more Zhu Peng became wary of him, because Zhu Peng knew that the girl in front of him had already mastered the “Hanshan Prison Suppression Technique” to the point of refining Qi. Eighth level. Unless he truly builds the cauldron and returns it to the foundation in the future, and enters the realm of foundation building, he will not be able to feel any major emotions in his life. The sincere feelings in front of him can only show that he has strong learning ability and excellent performance ability.
“This formation has been broken. I don’t think we will have anything to do with it. Bloody Zhu Peng will retire without bothering you fellow Taoists.” While speaking politely, Zhu Peng retreated step by step, leaving the others alone, and Ye Xuancang. This kind of guy has no emotion at all in his heart and his thinking is as cold as ice. He fights with his wits. The more he talks, the more he makes mistakes. In this case, it is better to leave.
But Ye Xuancang didn’t seem to want Zhu Peng to leave so easily. When Zhu Peng retreated, he followed. Before Zhu Peng turned around, Ye Xuancang had already blocked Zhu Peng’s side. “I have heard for a long time that Brother Zhu is the number one among the juniors in the Blood Soul Ridge, and is also the first disciple of the Tian Snake Sect. Now that Lord Tian Snake cannot show up, how can we let Brother Zhu go so easily.”
“No, Brother Zhu will try his skills and spar with me for a while,