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de pillar, he has been pursuing this goal for hundreds of years, during which he paid countless prices. Ah Qing felt relaxed all over her body. It was not just a psychological effect, but also the fact that the shackles of fate on her body were finally broken. After today, Ah Qing will be her own Ah Qing, no longer Jin Yong’s Ah Qing. Qing, no longer able to be subdued or controlled by anyone.

“Swish, swish, swish” When the main god-level existence fell, in the endless divine radiance, rainbows of various colors flew out in all directions as if they were alive. Seeing this scene, Emperor Shi Tianji roared excitedly, and then fled towards one of the rainbows of light that escaped at high speed. The other monks were not stupid, and immediately followed his example to chase a dazzling rainbow.
/As a god-level existence in charge of destiny, Jin Yong did perish this time due to the efforts of a group of powerful monks for hundreds of thousands of years, but it did not die in the true sense. The five elements of a god: divine power, divinity, and divine fire. , priesthood, godhead.
Needless to say, the divine fire is the energy reserve system. Divine power was also revealed in Jin Yong’s domineering hand of destroying stars. His destiny priesthood was destroyed due to the conspiracy of the Yue girl A Qing, but Jin Yong’s godhead and divinity still exist. Compared with the offense and defense of most gods, Jin Yong’s divinity is extremely rare and practical: “eternal immortality”.
/This kind of divinity is naturally not as lethal as “eternal” or “extremely cold”, but the word “immortal” gives the gods a great opportunity to be reborn. This time Jin Yong died, but as long as there are still people who remember it , as long as there is still belief in it, or even as long as the destiny it has carved before is gone again due to various reasons, then it will have the possibility of gaining power and resurrecting again. Compared with other divinities, the immortal divinity may not be strong enough. , but it is definitely important enough to cherish the innate divinity that even the creation-level gods are extremely jealous of.
However, all the monks, including Zhu Peng, don’t care about Jin Yong’s immortal resurrection. What Yue Nu wants is to break the shackles of fate and hit the immortal realm. As long as she achieves this, what does Jin Yong’s resurrection have to do with her?
The endless rainbow of light that accompanies the death of the gods is the knowledge that Jin Yong gained when he was the main god, even the secrets of immortality. The size and brightness of the millions of rays of light declare the preciousness of the knowledge contained therein. Shi Tian and his party fled in different directions, and once they came into contact with Guanghong, they gained a lot. Although Jin Yong’s knowledge must be less valuable, the wisdom collected by the main god-level existence is extremely precious no matter what.
The whole audience fell into a state of harvest. Every monk who survived after the deadly battle caught a l