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Roar, the originally illusory poisonous dragon behind Li Zhe suddenly condensed tenfold. Li Zhe’s feet floated, and the next moment he controlled the poisonous dragon and rushed towards Zhu Peng. At this moment, before his eyes Li Zhe, whose pupils were reddish, was really murderous.
It’s a pity that Zhu Peng was well prepared for this situation. He smiled slightly, then controlled the tactics with both hands, facing Li Zhe’s mad roar of driving the poisonous dragon. The true energy flowed, and the next moment, Zhu Peng’s feet rose. A bright red light, a complex and strange huge array composition superimposed, its mystery and wonder have completely subverted the limits of the array of this era.
The reason is very simple. This is not the means of mortals, but really the power of gods. In the hinterland of Blood Soul Ridge, the seven red dragons that circle around the main body of the building are extremely complex and complex. The profound light and shadow were swaying, and the terrifying true energy was undulating and condensing at this moment. Driven by the powerful force, the surrounding land was trembling slightly. Almost all the cultivators in the surrounding Blood Soul Ridge changed their expressions. Some women and young people The children almost immediately knelt down and prayed. Although the monks with strong ideas could control themselves, they still could not prevent the spiritual energy of the entire Blood Soul Ridge from being gathered by this Seven Hells Evil Dragon King.
/The twenty blades of the divine weapons descended from the sky are all of extraordinary power, and they are all tools that can enhance a cultivator’s ability several times or even dozens of times. Zhu Peng obtained the artifact “Seven Hells Evil Dragon King” from his ancestor, the Seventy-two Heavenly Demon Gods outside the universe, under the command of the ancient ancestral dragon on the right wing, the third Heavenly Demon God in the middle, and the Three-Eyed Hell Dragon King of Evil Eyes. The power can be said to be the most outstanding among the twenty-blade divine weapons. Of course, in terms of difficulty of use and impracticability, this “Evil Dragon King of Seven Hells” is also top-notch, ranking among the top twenty blades of the divine weapons.
/So much so that with Zhu Peng’s ability and qualifications, it was not until recently that he roughly mastered the use of this Shinto magical weapon (insert a digression here, in the setting of this book, the Immortal Way and the Shinto are not the same) , gods and immortals do not have the same meaning, just like Western professional magicians and warriors, they form parallel professional lines. Although we do not talk about the superiority and inferiority of the two, readers should also see that Xianyu’s words promote the immortality but suppress it. The same is true for Shinto, and even the legends, novels and biographies of immortals and gods in ancient China. In ancient times, powerful immortals could hold the priesthood at the same time, and enjoy the majesty of