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‘s reasonable and legal, just let him stay in the shelter, and wait until Luo Hao’s gang is eliminated before settling the drug-trafficking debt with him.

‘s reasonable and legal, just let him stay in the shelter, and wait until Luo Hao’s gang is eliminated before settling the drug-trafficking debt with him.
A problem is solved and it should not arouse the suspicion of drug dealers.
/In fact, it was not the case. Guo Qingshan was very well-informed and found out through a client that Cai Xiaoyong was in the shelter, but he did not go to visit and there was no need to visit. In his opinion, Cai Xiaoyong has lost his value and is so cowardly and disobedient that even if the police send Cai Xiaoyong back, he cannot use him again.
He now thinks about Li Gu all day long and hates him so much that he wants to give Li Gu some color. The little gangster who dares to take advantage of others will not survive this year.
After lunch, he drove to the supermarket parking lot diagonally opposite the Yangtze River Building again, leaned on his seat and observed the movement at the entrance of the office building, trying to figure out the pattern of Li Gu’s activities and collect intelligence for the next revenge plan.
“Brother, how are you preparing over there?”
/“A gentleman’s revenge is never too late, so what’s the rush?”
The mysterious man was also outside, under an overpass in Donghai City.
He was sitting in the passenger seat of an Audi car, looking at a Santana in the distance. As he spoke, a black car slid past quietly. The other person didn’t even get out of the car, rolled down the window, and handed a bag to the person standing next to Santana. The man took the bag, stuffed the bag containing more than 300,000 yuan in cash into the car window, and then parted ways.
The arrest of “Xiao Nishikawa” had a great impact, and many businesses were cut off from their supply of goods.
Although his business has not been affected, the mysterious man still feels that he cannot put all his eggs in one basket. This is a new supplier that the second brother has contacted, and he has never dealt with it before.
There is a gangster in Nangang who wants to take advantage of others. The East China Sea is full of good and bad people, and there is also the possibility of being a gangster and taking advantage of others.
Considering that no business can be without risks, he decided to trust the other party when the matter came to pass, without inspecting the goods, and traded according to the method proposed by the other party.
Purchased 1.5 kilograms of raw material at one time. Such a large amount of transaction was incredibly smooth. There was no suffocating tension in the movie scene, or in other words, the transaction was completed before I had time to be nervous. The whole process took less than 10 seconds. .
The second brother and several of his men drove away. The mysterious man motioned to the driver to drive away and asked calmly: “Are you short of money?”
“Brother, who is not short of money? I just fell in love with a facade, which is actually a building. I plan to buy it and open a restaurant or hotel.”
“Now that I know I don’t have enough money, I have a