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ill buy three buildings at once. I don’t know if there will be a discount.”

ill buy three buildings at once. I don’t know if there will be a discount.”
“I’ll come, I’m young and can easily bargain!”
In the plane, the two generations of grandfather and grandson settled on the three buildings on the Bund in a few words. They
gradually flew over the Yellow Sea and entered the Chinese waters. .
Fear of being close to home.
The coffee brought by the stewardess in front of him was fragrant, but Han Xuan didn’t want to drink it.
Although there are too many things to complain about in China, it is our homeland after all, and complaining is also about hoping that it will be better.
The sound of the aircraft engine echoed in the cabin, and ripples appeared on the surface of the coffee in the cup.
As time passed, land appeared on the horizon.
After lowering the height, we can already see the silhouette of the fishing boat. The little bit of red should be the national flag.
Shanghai in 1994.
Lujiazui has not yet begun to develop. Next to a large number of low-rise houses, the newly built Oriental Pearl Tower stands beside the Huangpu River.
I think Mr. Deng’s speeches in the South two years ago must have been particularly impressive here.
The city does not have bright colors and there are not so many high-rise buildings.
It was similar to what Han Xuan had imagined, but to the old man and grandpa, it seemed like something unbelievable.
It has only been a few years since the reform and opening up, but it has not yet shown results. This is true even in China’s largest commercial centers, and it is conceivable in other places.
Han Xuan didn’t want to say anything at first, but he couldn’t help but said: “It will be fine in the future.”
The huge shadow of the plane passed over the city, and it was almost impossible to tell where it was except near Lujiazui and the Bund.
/The streets that Han Xuan was familiar with in the future are now different, including this airport.
There was a tremor when it landed, and a huge wind sounded.
After slowing down, after being instructed by the tower, we came to the terminal. A group of people were walking out, including Anthony and others.
I don’t know who arranged it, but when Han Xuan got off the plane, a group of primary school students wearing red scarves came to deliver wreaths!
Thinking of Ten Thousand Alpacas silently, I took the wreath and wore it around my neck.
Then, the primary school students sang the national anthem, presumably to awaken their patriotic enthusiasm.
The two old men really couldn’t laugh or cry. The U.S. delegation hadn’t come yet, so there was no reason to sing the national anthem in private time.
A middle-aged man in a suit, with a nose that was red from the cold, and a pair of thin-rimmed glasses, with a round face and a bright smile, walked over quickly and extended his hand:
“Welcome, welcome! You’re here, Mr. Han and Mr. Guo , people are looking forward to you! The news that you are coming was on the news half a month ago. Look at those people outside, they are all here to welcome you! I