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body. This is something Lian Nishang cannot understand.

body. This is something Lian Nishang cannot understand.
“The strong resentment generated by the curse due to a wasted death has the terrifying power of the curse. The ideal way to eliminate it is to dissipate the resentment. It is a pity that colleges and universities do not produce ‘Mothers’. Where can the love come from to change the curse?” Now , even those in Beidao were in trouble.
“Let’s go!” Bei Dao’s eyes suddenly flashed coldly, “Then, burn this room down! Just use Yin Kuang’s purple dragon soul flame. So what about the curse? Since you can’t use so-called love to influence, use more. A vicious way to destroy it! Huh!”
Jumping out of the house, everyone came to the narrow road.
/It was night at this time, and it was estimated that around one o’clock in the morning would be the best time for the Hundred Demons to walk at night. It is surrounded by quite dense residential buildings. And none of the street lights on the road were on. The waning moon hanging in the night sky was the only source of light at this night.
/The surroundings are quite quiet.
Bei Dao said: “Yin Kuang, try your Purple Dragon Soul Flame. It should be very effective against the curse. Even if it is ineffective, destroying this house may eliminate the curse.” This
is what Tang Rouyu said: “In Lighting a fire at night is equivalent to telling Zhu Tong
and the others that we are here.” Bei Dao took out the mechanical equipment used for reconnaissance from the storage ring and said: “It is to tell them that we are here. Sister Xin, you should Do you know how to explode? Please plant some bombs here. Sister Ma used illusion and ninjutsu to hide the bombs. Oh, Miss Tang, please spread some poison around here.”
Qian Qianqian said: “Such a trap is too simple. Right?” Bei Dao released a few mechanical insects and said with a smile: “You also think that such a simple trap cannot be effective, don’t you?”
Indeed, according to common sense, such a simple trap that is impossible to work even The arrangement is of no value. However, often because of this, it is easier to be ignored. Once ignored, it is time to step into a trap. To put it bluntly, even if the trap doesn’t work, it’s just a “simple” trap.
After Bei Dao finished speaking, the three people he named dispersed and started working. Since both planting bombs and poisoning were the expertise of several people, it was completed quickly. During this period, I don’t know whether it was because the little boy Curse had already suffered a loss, or because Yin Kuang and others left the house, but the Curse did not appear again.
And just when Yin Kuang was about to use the purple dragon soul flame to burn down the house in front of him, a bright light suddenly sounded from the far west end. It was an explosion!
Bei Dao said: “Look, they can’t wait to tell us their location. How about it? Do you want to go over and have a look?”
Yin Kuang said with a smile: “What’s the point of the red ‘fireworks’? Or look at me.” A purple firework!” After saying that, Yin Kuang danced his ha