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cting Nuan Nuan: “Ah, if I had known he was so bad, I shouldn’t have let him go! How do you act like my brother? , Nuannuan, tell me, how to punish him?”

cting Nuan Nuan: “Ah, if I had known he was so bad, I shouldn’t have let him go! How do you act like my brother? , Nuannuan, tell me, how to punish him?”
Li Siqing has long been familiar with Xu Yao and Ning Xiaoning, and also understands that between Wen Liang and Xu Yao, it is definitely right to choose Sister Xu. However, thinking of the peace of mind I felt when I was holding Wen Liang in the car, I couldn’t bear to punish him. I glanced around, suddenly clapped my hands and shouted, “Just punish him to buy us roasted sweet potatoes, okay?”
Xu Yao scratched her nose and said with a sweet smile: “You know how to buy a good little Wenzi for him, why don’t you go?”
Wen Liang yawned and said: “Accept the imperial decree!”
Looking at Wen Liang, he was stumbling. He ran to a stall aside to bargain with the old man. How could he still be calm and chatting and laughing during the negotiation? Ning Xi couldn’t see through him more and more, she poked Ning Xiaoning and said in a low voice: “Is this how they usually get along?”
/Ning Xiaoning didn’t know why and nodded.
Ning Xi sighed secretly, silly girl, you have already lost at the starting line!
/Ning Xi slowed down and walked side by side with Wen Liang, saying: “Suddenly I felt like I was back when I was a child. My parents were very busy at that time. I begged them for a long time before they finally found time to take me to the park. Then. It’s very cold every day, and there are very few people. The only fun games we can play are riding a wooden horse, swinging on swings, etc., but I have never been so happy.”
Wen Liang was just about to concentrate on dealing with this woman who was extremely sharp in business talks, but I didn’t expect to hear such emotional words. I was stunned for a moment and didn’t know how to react. Fortunately, Ning Xi also expressed her emotions and did not need Wen Liang to express his opinion, saying, “It’s a pity, that feeling and days will never come back.” Only
this time did Wen Liang decide that it was time for a heart-to-heart talk, and relaxed his body. He stretched out his waist proudly and said: “Yes, when I was a child, I always looked forward to growing up, thinking that when I grow up, I can be unrestrained and be my own master. But later I realized that there is no freedom in this world, even in the dynamic zone, your territory You have to listen to others move!”
Ning Xi didn’t understand this complaint, but she didn’t intend to ask. Wen Liang’s poisonous tongue skills were too terrifying, so it was better not to provoke him or not.
“Well, let’s talk about some adult topics next?”
Wen Liang hesitated: “No, the city has been cracking down on pornography and illegal activities recently.”
If anyone from Xu Yaoning, Xiao Ning, Ye Yuting heard this, they would say “poof” without hesitation and powerfully, and then tear up the poisonous piece of paper. The urge to mouth. After all, Ning Xi grew up eating the bread of the American emperor and was not taboo about this topic. Although the sexual liberation moveme