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will let you taste the loss of your prestige today!”

will let you taste the loss of your prestige today!”
Time ticked by, and the meeting was already half an hour later than the originally scheduled time. There was no sign of Ning Lei and the other two people in the conference room. The atmosphere became increasingly solemn. After another ten minutes, the door finally opened, and Ning Xi, wearing a black trench coat, strode in. Reid followed not far behind her. Both of their expressions were as usual, and there was no change in sight. They seemed to be disappointed with today’s situation. Be confident when voting on the spot.
Next, the general assistant introduced the specific situation. Ning Xi did not delay, glanced around, and said: “I believe everyone has heard that Mr. Lei has different opinions on this matter. In this case, there is no need to waste time. Let’s vote by a show of hands. Those who agree to joint venture with Lingyang City please raise your hands.”
Just when Reid was feeling proud and thinking about how to embarrass Ning Xi, the director of the strategic planning department suddenly raised his hand. Because it was completely unexpected, Red was stunned for a while before he was sure that what he saw was not an illusion. His face suddenly turned black and blue, and he glared fiercely. However, he saw the minister looking at him without hesitation. His eyes were clear and translucent. There was no trace of fear or guilt. ?
Reid was shocked and suddenly thought that this person was originally arranged by Ning Xi!
At this time, Ning Xi got four votes and had already won by micromanaging. Reid was also a tiger and a wolf. He could take it and let it go. If he lost, he would lose. At least she still had three votes, so it was not a big loss. But God was destined to play a cruel joke on him. The employee representatives also raised their hands along with the minister. The vice president who belonged to the Lei family hesitated and then raised his hands in support.
Six to one!
In other words, except for Reid’s vote, everyone else sided with Ning Xi. Ning Xi, who had achieved an overwhelming victory, showed no joy. Her eyes were lowered, as if she didn’t care about the result at all, and said: “Mr. Lei, you Think about it again, do you object or reserve your opinion?”
Reid felt that his face had become stiff. After being silent for a while, he slowly raised his hand and said, “I support Mr. Ning’s investment in the crude oil terminal!” The meeting
ended. After that, the vice president who belonged to the thunder department was one step behind and finally came out of the conference room with Reid. He said apologetically: “Master Lei, the situation just now
/was like this.” Although Reid’s face was not good-looking, he had not lost his mind yet and said: ” It doesn’t matter, what you did was right. Ning Xi and I are at odds, but you can’t offend her at the same time. There has to be someone who can speak in the middle.” The
vice president breathed a sigh of relief. He looked around, Suddenly he whispered: “Well, how about some secret restr