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and asked him to go to the bathroom and face the wall to think about his fault.

and asked him to go to the bathroom and face the wall to think about his fault.
In Wang Bo’s opinion, the first night was not so much about dancing as it was about getting used to each other and getting familiar with each other. Less time for practice, more time for laughter and more time for you to chase me and fight!
/All in all, the atmosphere was very joyful, and how much more comfortable and comfortable than the evening self-study!
At about eight o’clock, the phone in the living room rang. Liao Xiaoqing on the side saw it and immediately pressed pause. When the others saw the call coming in, they all muted their voices and walked away automatically, leaving room for Wang Bo to answer the call. Wang Bo smiled and said “I’m sorry” and picked up the phone.
“Hello, who’s there?”
“Bo’er, come to the rice noodle shop quickly, something happened.” Tian Xin’s anxious voice came from the phone.
After telling his classmates at home, Wang Bo went out, picked up his mountain bike from the carport, and ran towards the rice noodle shop. With classmates around, Wang Bo couldn’t ask too many questions on the phone, but Tian Xin’s unprecedented eager tone made Wang Bo feel unnecessarily worried.
What happened to make the usually steady Tian Xin lose his temper?
Thinking of this, Wang Bo couldn’t help but feel worried, and the bicycle that was originally pedaling not very fast unknowingly increased its intensity. The mountain bike under the force was suddenly like a black lightning, speeding down the road with few people at night.
Soon we arrived at the entrance of the rice noodle shop. The rolling shutter of the old shop was half open, the light in the back kitchen was on, and the smell of meat dumplings wafted out. The lobby of the flagship store is completely dark, with only a little white light coming from the back kitchen. Guan Ping stood at the door of the flagship store. As soon as she saw Wang Bo, she ran up quickly, her face full of anxiety and inexplicable panic.
“What’s the matter, Sister Ping? Where’s Sister Xin? My old man is still frying dumplings in the old shop, right?” Wang Bo asked as he set up the car.
“I don’t know where Uncle Wang has gone. Mother Zeng is cooking sauerkraut alone in the kitchen of the old store. Sister Xin is in the back kitchen of the new store,” Guan Ping said, with a hesitant look on her face.
“It’s so late, what is she doing in the kitchen? Also, what happened? You didn’t tell me clearly when you called me just now.” Wang Bo looked at the two shops. They were both fine. They didn’t look like something had happened. He was in a good mood. Then there was a moment of relief. While talking to Guan Ping, he opened the glass door of the flagship store, preparing to go to the bright back kitchen to see what Tian Xin was doing inside.
“Bo’er, don’t go in yet! I, let me explain the situation to you first.” Guan Ping felt nervous when she saw Wang Bo planning to go to the kitchen, and quickly grabbed him.
“Yes, that’s it, Bo’er. This afternoon” Guan Ping began to tell Wan