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ng until late at night, he sealed the bedroom with his spirituality, preparing to try the messenger summoning ritual provided by “Necromancer” Daly.

For Klein now, simple ritual magic is as proficient as eating and drinking. It didn’t take long for him to complete the preparation of materials and light the candle that symbolized himself.
Looking at the dim yellow flame swaying on the desk, Klein had a funny idea inexplicably:
“Does this count as lighting yourself up?”
“I’ll go, what am I thinking about?”
He calmed down his thoughts, picked up the black rotten flower powder belonging to the realm of death, and lightly sprinkled it on the candle, in exchange for a smell similar to formalin in his previous life.
Immediately afterwards, he dropped the “Full Moon Essential Oil” belonging to the dark night.
Amidst the roaring sound, the surroundings suddenly became quiet, and there was an invisible and subtle feeling surging.
Klein took a step back and whispered in ancient Hermes:
Then, he switched to Hermes:
“I call in my name;”
/“A spirit wandering in illusion, a creature from the upper world that is driven by people, is the messenger of Daly Simone alone.”
The sound of wind stirred up the sound of crying, and the dim candlelight was instantly dyed with a faint blue color.
Under its illumination, the wall behind the desk rippled with almost transparent ripples, and a strange face with no eyebrows, no eyes, no nose and only a mouth stood out.
It opened its lips wide and spit out a long, bright red tongue, which was inlaid with irregular fangs one after another. In addition, there were five thin fingers on the top of the tongue, which kept spreading and pinching together. , seems to be waiting for delivery.
This is how Dai Li’s “Messenger” compares to Mr. Azik’s, just like a child. No, this can’t accurately describe the gap between the two sides. Well, one is an adult giant and the other is a human baby. I don’t know. Is it because of that magical item or because Mr. Azik is very powerful? I have to adjust my understanding of him. Maybe he is a high-sequence powerhouse.
Oops, I forgot. I should ask Ms. Daly in the letter and ask her what the names of Sequence 4 and Sequence 3 of the “Sleepless One” path are. Mr. Azik most likely belongs to this sequence. Of course, he may not I was promoted through potions. Well, maybe it was through ancestral chromosomes. I’ll ask you next time. The messenger is waiting for you.
Klein stared at it carefully for a few times, then put the folded paper into the courier’s “hand” and watched it firmly grasp it.
The messenger retracted his tongue and swallowed the letter. The transparent, strange, and squirming face then retracted into the wall and disappeared.
I have to say that the magic method is quite cool and very convenient, but it is not popular. Klein looked at the candlelight that returned to normal, shook his head, and ended the ceremony.
Backlund, Queens, Monday morning.
In a hidden corner of the municipal garden donated by Duke Negan, the mess