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not be afraid of college students.

not be afraid of college students.
This is a tactic to “snatch the fire under the cauldron”!
Well, maybe this is the conspiracy of “Long Aotian”.
Therefore, the time traveler must die!
Yin Kuang looked down at Long Xiaotian and said, “If you’re to blame, it’s because you’re a time traveler. Why would you call me Long Xiaotian?”
Long Xiaotian seemed to realize something, turned around and ran away.
“Well! Did you run away?”
The finger pointed. The
next moment, with a “bang”, Long Xiaotian turned into blood mist.
In order to prevent accidents from happening, Yin Kuang even burned his soul with the purple dragon soul power.
/“Don’t blame me for being cruel. Who told you to make me uncomfortable?”
But for Yin Kuang, meeting the “purely natural and wild” Long Xiaotian was just an episode that he quickly forgot about.
But what he didn’t know was that because of “Long Xiaotian”, he thought of “Long Aotian”, and thus thought divergently of the madman in the prison who secretly used his power to influence the laws of various world planes. , the unreasonable conjecture that God unknowingly created and traveled through the public to implement the plan of “drawing salary from the bottom of the cauldron” for college students, actually made him deceived. I have to say that this mysterious number of days, or intuitive Speaking of “mysterious laws”, it is really mysterious and mysterious, wonderful and wonderful, and cannot be understood.
As for what the mysterious, crazy person is up to, I’m afraid only he himself knows.
After driving away the natives of this world and killing a wild Long Xiaotian, Yin Kuang placed piles of restrictions around the elven ruins. Then he took some time to catch some pretty powerful small animals in this vast jungle (in fact, each of them was a high-level monster in this world), tamed it with his mental power, and raised it freely in the elf ruins. around. In this way, and the group of adventurers who were sent away by him released the news of his existence, he would not have to worry about anyone coming here to die for a long time in the future.
Yin Kuang came to the secret room where the Elf Princess’ crystal coffin was placed, and placed an emerald green branch on the crystal coffin. Looking at that extremely beautiful face, Yin Kuang thought in his heart: “I wonder where her soul went? If her soul is found, maybe she can be resurrected in the spirit world! The souls of people in this world will not Reincarnation, but will go to the spirit world. When Witch Bai Xue wanted to resurrect Prince Charming, she opened the passage to the spirit world. But she didn’t know how to enter the spirit world.”
Yin Kuang suppressed this thought in his heart for the time being and kissed him across the crystal coffin. The elf princess came to the tree of life in the elf ruins. The Tree of Life played the most critical role in the reason why the Elf Homeland was able to survive the “Dark Age Catastrophe”. However, it was precisely because of the “catastrophe” that the essence of the Tr