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Tang Rouyu led Zhao Yun to the unconscious Madam Mi. After checking, Zhao Yun blew a whistle , the white dragon horse galloped over. Looking at the wounds on Bailong’s horse, a trace of regret flashed in Zhao Yun’s eyes, but he still put Mrs. Mi on Bailong’s horse, “Bailong, it’s time to work.”
“Get on the horse and protect Madam. If Madam makes any mistake, Because you are asking.” Zhao Yun looked at Tang Rouyu and said.
Tang Rou said: “It is my duty as a maid to protect the lady.”
Zhao Yun nodded, then glanced at the Cao soldiers lying on the ground around him, a strange look flashed in his eyes, but he immediately got a horse , said: “Follow me and leave quickly!”
Everyone mounted their horses one after another. Especially Tang Rouyu, sitting on the back of the white dragon horse, her face was full of excitement.
After identifying a direction, Zhao Yun galloped on his horse. Yin Kuang, Tang Rouyu and others followed immediately.
On the way, Yin Kuang couldn’t help but ask: “Tang Rouyu, those Cao soldiers just now.”
Tang Rouyu held Mrs. Mi in one hand and grabbed the reins in the other, saying: “Hehe. I just gave them something.”
Before Yin Kuang heard Tang Rouyu’s voice, Giving myself something to smell, I couldn’t help but nod my head.
On the way out of the village, they met a lot of Cao soldiers, but with Zhao Yunding who was like a perpetual motion machine in front, Yin Kuang and others only had to deal with some stray fish that slipped through the net. And Zhao Yun often chose a place with fewer Cao soldiers to break out, so everyone left the village in the sea of ??fire without any danger.
As for the innocent people they saw in the village, everyone ignored them with indifference.
After breaking out of the village, Zhao Yun led a group of people and headed southwest.
However, God seemed unwilling to let Zhao Yun and others leave peacefully. After running for only a few miles, they crossed a hill, and the faces of Zhao Yun, Yin Kuang, and Tang Rouyu became very ugly. A thin stream of cold sweat broke out on almost everyone’s forehead.
As for the horse they were sitting on, the White Dragon Divine Colt came out. The other horses started to squeak, stamped their hooves, shook their heads and swung their tails, looking very uneasy.
/The camera turned 180 degrees from the front faces of Zhao Yun, Yin Kuang and others
, and saw that the plain area under the hills was covered with darkness, covering the entire plain area.
what is that?
It’s human!
who! ?
Cao Jun! Cao’s army is all over the mountains and plains!
Looking around, I saw crowds of people, weapons sparkling, people running angrily, and flags waving.
Left and right wings, forward, center, rear, light cavalry at the head, archers at the rear, cavalry plus spearmen on both wings, sword and shield soldiers and heavy armored cavalry in the center, light cavalry in the rear. A huge military formation was placed in front of everyone.
Among the central army, on top of each cart pulled by eighteen tall hor