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k out the window at the endless flow of pedestrians and eat pasta without saying a word.

k out the window at the endless flow of pedestrians and eat pasta without saying a word.
It wasn’t until he heard Tracy casually mention that Liberty had opened a direct route to the island in another world, and allowed private funds to join the operation, and planned to make the route completely private within a year, that he couldn’t help but ask: “Completely private If you want to go to that damn big island, don’t you need battleship escort?” ”
Oh, companies operating routes can order weapons for escort by themselves. I heard that Liberty has plans to sign an order in the near future to allow companies controlled by US capital to purchase them. Some warships and small armed helicopters from General Dynamics and Boeing are specially used for the development of other worlds.”
Zhang Lisheng was stunned for a moment and asked in surprise: “Are private companies allowed to purchase warships and armed helicopters, or should they purchase warships and armed helicopters from General Dynamics and Boeing? Companies buy, hell, aren’t they also private companies, and they also produce weapons?” ”
Of course, this is strange, Li Sheng, the largest military factories in the United States are private companies, otherwise how could they compete with each other for national defense? We continue to produce more and more advanced and powerful weapons based on orders from the Ministry.”
Chapter 197: Set sail
. After hearing Tracy’s explanation, Zhang Lisheng nodded in surprise, “So that’s it.” and continued to eat. Your own tomato brisket pasta.
/Seeing him shrugging their shoulders and smiling at each other, the three girls continued to chat about the previous topic.
/After spending three or two hours comfortably at the Etang Restaurant, it was time to say goodbye before I knew it.
The young man drove the three girls to JFK International Airport. In the VIP terminal, he kissed Tina goodbye and watched the direct flight to Boston take off and disappear into the clear sky.
“Free.” Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the VIP lounge, bathing in the filtered scorching midsummer sunshine, Zhang Lisheng murmured to himself and dialed the number of his chief legal officer, “Edward, I heard that the path to The route of Sea Shrimp No. 2 World’ has been officially opened today.”
“Yes, boss, if you are willing, I can arrange a seat for you on the three-thirty flight, and Charlie, Miss Maddie and I can also I’ll go with you.”
“What are you going to do there? The other world is very dangerous.”
“Boss, we decided on this voyage earlier than you. Everyone has curiosity. When I was a child, my ideal was to become a Travelers who have traveled around the world.
Now that I can finally sublimate my dream, how could I miss this opportunity?”
“What about Charlie and Maddie? You can’t be the three of you dreaming about the same daydream. What do you want to do? It is indeed your freedom. It feels good to have company when taking the ship. Tell me where the ship departs?”
“Newport, New York, right next to our