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n, and all movement stopped instantly, as if it had died at the same time.

But this silence only lasted for a second. On the surface of the thick black mist that formed the coffin, one after another “doors” took shape and opened.
The “Night Goddess” blocked these “doors” while raising her arm holding a bird-shaped gold ornament.
The orange-red dusk light fell dimly, giving the dark coffin a sense of decay and death.
/The formation and opening of the “door” slowed down, and the two sides entered a tug-of-war phase.
At this moment, the main peak of the Hornakis Mountains collapsed under the feet of the “Night Goddess”.
It’s like the end has arrived early.
At the same time, one after another python-like black tentacles extended from somewhere in the star realm.
/There is an eye on the top of these tentacles, which can be closed or open. Everything they see will turn into gray stone in an instant, and anything directly touched by the tentacles will twist and stretch out. The limbs and head become larger or smaller women, very good-looking women.
As the grayness spread rapidly, these tentacles rushed towards the ancient and dilapidated palace crazily, towards Klein who was about to accommodate the uniqueness of “The Fool”.
“Original Witch”, Chick!
Countless witches of different sizes brought destruction like the collapse of all things, causing the entire main peak of the Honakis Mountains to develop in the direction of a huge stone ball.
This caused the dilapidated outer wall of the ancient palace to quickly collapse, exposing Klein, his clone and marionette in the middle of the hall to the star realm.
Seeing the python-like black tentacles rushing into the palace, a crimson moon rose in this apocalyptic scene.
On the outside of the hall bathed in the moonlight, clumps of wheat, flowers, mushrooms, and trees suddenly grew. They were entangled with each other, superimposed layer by layer, and they would belong to Antigonus. The palace is sealed inside.
At this moment, the hall where Klein was sitting seemed like a relic that had been buried in history and forests for thousands of years, and had been completely swallowed up by nature.
The black tentacles with eyeballs on the tops, like pythons, were blocked by these wildly growing plants.
They rose up and continuously beat the natural “barrier”, causing the latter to petrify, crack, or collapse layer by layer.
However, whether it is wheat, flowers, mushrooms or trees, their new life comes very quickly – they grow again as soon as they return to the embrace of Mother Earth.
In this way, those natural barriers were reborn layer by layer, destroyed layer by layer, destroyed layer by layer, and reborn layer by layer, entering a certain stalemate.
The “Earth Mother Goddess” who controls the uniqueness of the “Moon” path blocks the “Original Witch” Chick.
At this time, a “light” that could not be seen by most extraordinary people fell straight from a high place and hit the natural barrier based on plants.
This light has no entity and seems to be composed of st