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oud noise, Leonas spit out a mouthful of hot blood.

oud noise, Leonas spit out a mouthful of hot blood.
But at any moment, an iron halberd suddenly stabbed out from the side and plunged directly into General Osho’s leg. It was Lu Xia Leng who was rushing over.
Yin Kuang rushed forward one after another, and the green sword containing the “True Dragon Purple Soul” slashed directly at General Osho’s head. Unfortunately, General Osho tilted his head, and instead of hitting the head, he cut off the other horn.
General Osho seemed to vent all his anger on Leonus and ignored Yin Kuang. Then he knocked Yin Kuang away with an elbow and then hit Leonas with a heavy punch.
However, Leonus obviously would not wait to be beaten in vain. He rolled his body to avoid the heavy punch, then jumped again, bit, and with a “chi” sound, he pulled Osho’s body like a piece of cloth. Next piece of flesh.
Just when Leonus thought that Osho would turn around and fight with it, Osho suddenly charged and came to Hamreth’s side. Before Hamreth could react, Edmund on his back fell on him. He was caught by Osho, and then General Osho threw him hard. With Edmund’s horrified scream, he was thrown directly into the sky by General Osho.
“Dusil, hand him over to Her Majesty the Queen!” A huge roar resounded throughout the battlefield!
In the sky, Duhil, who was still entangled by the griffins, heard Osho’s words and immediately sprayed out a burst of “frost breath”, then broke through the griffins and rushed towards Edmund.
The elder griffon was shocked, “Protect His Highness Edmund!”
However, the griffon finally slowed down a beat, and the frost dragon flew past, catching Edmund in its claws, and then dived towards the ground. “Osho, I’ll take you with me!”
The angry Osho and the equally angry Leonus were fighting together. After listening to Dusier’s words, Osho shouted: “Fight to the death! You will soon Bring that human back to Her Majesty the Queen!”
Dusil, who happened to be swooping down, heard this and let out a “hum”, shook his head, and flew over Osho’s head towards the Scar Canyon!
“Edmund!” Susan’s Lucy was shocked as she came riding a colorful bird, and was about to chase her. But someone has already preceded them.
I saw Peter riding a unicorn. One man and one horse were shrouded in thunderbolts of lightning. Everything blocking the road was destroyed by the lightning. The man and one horse chased towards Ducier without any hindrance.
/“Susan, Lucy, leave Edmund to me!”
/“Tulian! Here!”
At this time, Yin Kuang suddenly shouted, Tulian, the griffon that had been his mount, swooped down, and Yin Kuang jumped , fell on the back of the gryphon, and then one person and one beast chased towards Ducier.
“Your Highnesses, don’t worry!”
Lu Xia Leng stamped his feet fiercely, and then he pulled the onions on a dry land and fell on a griffin that just passed over his head. On the body. The griffon was stunned for a moment, and then said: “My lord, Mo Li, it’s an honor to serve you!”
Lu Xia Leng rolled his eyes and said, “Then please hurry up. Otherwise, your Highnes