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ustrial software engineering, and now you are adding lithography machines. Is that what one person and one company can do?”

ustrial software engineering, and now you are adding lithography machines. Is that what one person and one company can do?”
“Yes,” Zhao Song replied matter-of-factly, “Nikon, I make all the lithography machines and accessories myself.”
/Chen Ning opened his mouth, trying hard. Organizational language.
Zhao Song did not intend to give him time to react: “So I admire the island country very much. Some experts have proposed the concept of craftsmen. In my opinion, there is no craftsman spirit. It is the result of the entire social system of the island country!”
Chen Ning agreed: ” I don’t deny this. The gap between us is too big, so we can’t be too far away. I heard that some people in Tianya Current Affairs even claimed that our GDP could catch up with the island countries in 2030. It’s
simply arrogant!”
/Zhao Song suppressed a smile. Patting Chen Ning: “This kind of humility is very good, keep it up.”
Chen Ning proudly advised like an elder: “So people must recognize themselves. If you want to do everything now, you just have some achievements floating around in your mind. “Yes.”
Zhao Song looked at Chen Ning blankly: “But it’s my company and my money~”
“Do you care what I want to do?”
“You think I’m wasting it? ” Do you earn it yourself?”
“I know that it is an entire industry and a complete project, and you cannot do it by yourself, so I actively participate in the stock market plan in order to provide relevant major special funds and intelligence in the future national five-year plan. Liu Xiang has the right to make suggestions without having to pay for it from the state, but he wants the state to back me up. Are you saying that my mind is wandering?”
“What’s more, I’m not a person, not a company! Look to the east, there’s something over there! “What?”
“It’s the brightly lit Shenzhou Gemini.” ”
to the north, look to the west. What’s there?”
“It’s DK Technology and Zhongguancun Industrial Park. It stays up all night.” “What?”
“It’s the three-way, one-stop heavy truck and the 365×24 one-kilometer convenience chain.”
“Hundreds of thousands, millions of scientific researchers, production staff, ordinary employees, truck drivers, cleaning ladies, and even… The vast majority of working people across the country are sacrificing their rest and health to develop and catch up. Master
What gives you the courage to say that our flower growers will not be able to catch up with the island countries in 2030? ”
Chen Ning buried his head and tried to pretend that he didn’t. exist.
“Everyone is racing against time. Why should I give Zhao Rong and the others a few months?
Why should I call for help and continue to sell out time after owing a favor?
We are thirty years behind, and we must not be slower, so I won’t let you go, not even for a second!”
Zhao Song stood up and kicked Chen Ning, who looked confused: “I’m very unhappy tonight, so the bill for the nightclub dinner has changed: men are not allowed, older ones are not allowed. Don’t invite people of any gend