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, he explained. “Because of sea water.”

, he explained. “Because of sea water.”
“Sea water? What’s wrong with sea water?” I asked strangely.
“Don’t you think the sea water in front of you is particularly dark? Around the demon mountain, especially the demon mountain occupied by the demon clan in the human world, there are different auras emitting around it. These auras are not offensive but represent their attitudes like flags. Black means inviolability and blue means that monsters are allowed to enter. I have attacked many disobedient monsters in the world. The reason why the water around them is black. It turns black because of the penetration of evil spirit.
/“Oh? Does that mean that what we see is not a barren mountain?”
“Since you can see the demonic energy, your statement should be correct. But generally speaking, the demonic mountains on the sea will be much larger than those on the land. Leaving aside the top group of demons, the comparison between the middle and low-level demons In this case, aquatic monsters have a great advantage. After all, there are more oceans in the world, and there are also big monster monsters. It would be good if the monster king on land can occupy a mountain with an altitude of two to three hundred meters, such as Mount Huang and Mount Tai. It is not something that the monster clan can win, but it is different in the ocean. The powerful monster clan will occupy the ocean as their territory, firstly to avoid human surveillance, and secondly, to have enough food. The reserves are large enough. There are even more powerful monsters that can move mountains and fill the sea, creating huge islands and mountains out of thin air.”
/While we were talking, the three ships suddenly slowed down at the same time, and finally even. stopped. Feeling something was wrong, I saw many people walking to the front of the boat to look around, so I walked over and asked strangely: “What’s wrong?”
Riyuro Mae pointed at the sea in front of him and said: “Look, there are a lot of strange fish. ”
Just in front of the three boats, strange fish emerged from the sea water. They were said to be fish because their bodies looked similar. But the heads are different, and the sizes are also different. The largest one seems to be seven or eight meters long, while the small one is one or two meters long. The number is about three to four hundred or more.
“It’s Bayu!” Almost everyone present knew what Bayu looked like, so they all recognized the strange fish swimming in front of the boat. We were surrounded by these “watchdogs” before we even got close to the demonic mountain ahead.
“What are they doing?” I asked in a low voice Nagisa Yu who was lying on my shoulder.
“It’s a demonstration. It’s like you humans raising a dog at home. If a stranger comes in, the nervous and timid dog will growl non-stop. But the really powerful dog will not bark, but will stare with cold eyes. You. If you do anything that makes it feel suspicious, it will immediately rush to bite you. The same is true for these bay bones. They are just a small group wandering