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Yuan Feng whispered a few more words to the little goblin, and then the little goblin flew up happily and floated forward unsteadily. The fat man muttered: “Sister, is it okay?”
Yuan Feng smiled. Nodding, the inconspicuous little fairy fluttering in the wind like a fallen leaf gently landed on the wall.
At this time, Yuan Feng said: “This kind of little fairy is called sambar. Mortals can only see it after it rains, next to the leaves that are still dripping under the sun. It looks like a pair of antlers, so later generations call it sambar.” Deer. Its ability is not great, and its sense of presence is very low. Its only function is to float some water mist from its body. ”
What’s the use?” Luo Qiong asked in confusion.
“It’s very useful. We need to make these talismans ineffective. There are many ways, but if you use too much aura and spiritual power, you will be discovered by the surrounding guards and servants. So we can’t do it casually, but the goblins can Take action. Especially goblins with weak breaths. The water mist they emit can wet the paper charms on the wall, and then the paper charms will fall off naturally without leaving a trace.” I just finished speaking. On the wall where the sambar deer had settled, the piece of talisman paper had fallen off and was covered with water mist. The wet paper talismans fell to the ground one by one, and the talismans sealed on the wall lost their effectiveness.
“The breath is gone, you can pass.” Yuan Feng took back the sambar. He said with a smile.
A few of us immediately ran over, timing the patrol to pass by, and a few of us climbed over the wall and landed within the wall of the Ling family. However, this only passes through the first layer of barrier formation, which is also the simplest layer.
I looked back at Ling Yan and said, “Where is your internal response?”
Ling Yan waved his hand, and then took us around the outer circle of the Ling family’s house, and then found a rockery to stop. He walked to the rockery, He reached out and quietly moved a stone on the rockery, and there was a piece of talisman paper placed underneath.
Lingzhen put the talisman paper in his hand and recited a spell, then stretched out his hand, and the talisman paper turned into a ray of light in the air and then burned by itself. After a while, it was burned to ashes.
“Is it for sending messages? This thing is not cheap.” The price of this kind of talisman is not cheap in the black market. It is very useful, especially in places with long distances and weak electronic signals. The talisman is comparable to a walkie-talkie. High-tech items like this are much easier to use.
/About five minutes after the letter was passed, a sneaky figure walked over from behind the house. When I got closer, I could see clearly that it was a thin and short man with buck teeth and messy hair. Judging from his clothes, he seemed to be in the dark. The Ling family works as a handyman.
After working on it for a long time, the person who ended up working for Ling Yan in the Ling fami