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ed on the chair next to him and put it on his head.

At the same time, the glove on his left hand suddenly became transparent, and his whole person quickly faded and disappeared.
Klein entered the spirit world and wanted to “travel” to Bodo Port in the Raging Sea to find food for his “creeping hunger”.
The Port Escoson he was in did belong to Desi Bay, but it was not at any point on the coastline, because it was an island, the southernmost island in Desi Bay. Crossing it meant entering the violent sea.
Therefore, just after Klein traveled towards the predetermined coordinates for a second, something strange appeared in front of him:
The nearby spirit world airflow took shape, coiled into wind, and roared, covering a large area with no visible edges. The light inside was dim, dark clouds accumulated, and lightning with a deep feeling passed through one after another, making the surrounding scene look like the end of the world.
At this moment, Klein seemed to be in an ocean ruled by never-ending storms, but he truly knew that this was the spiritual world.
“Sure enough, as mentioned in many occult books, the great power of the God of Death when he fell not only changed the climate environment of the ocean between the northern and southern continents, making it full of natural disasters, dangerous currents, and violent currents, but also broke the relationship between reality and The barrier between illusions and pollution destroys the corresponding spiritual world, allowing the two sides to influence each other. In the Raging Sea area, if a ceremony involving the spiritual world is held and abilities related to the spiritual world are used, there is a high probability that accidents will occur and unexpected changes will occur. “Klein sighed with emotion and verified the records in the book with the pictures he saw with his own eyes.
In his opinion, if this were not the case, the countries in the Northern Continent would not have waited until Emperor Russell discovered a safe channel before they had the opportunity to invade the Southern Continent. After all, for many high-sequence powerhouses, the normal concept of natural danger is acceptable. Directly bypassed.
Russell safe channel is not only geographical, but also mystical.
/In other words, since the violent sea and the corresponding spiritual world interact and overlap with each other, Klein can directly refer to the local navigation chart to travel through the natural disasters in the spiritual world.
After recalling what he had read before, Klein found the right location and entered the deep and dark spiritual world.
The sound of the howling wind came from all directions. Even if it was just the aftermath, it caused Klein to feel a bit of coldness originating from the depths of his soul or bone marrow. This made him believe that if he was moving in a spiritual state and did not use ” The “Black Emperor” card, the “Tyrant” card or the Azik Bronze Whistle have been reinforced and upgraded, and they may have been seriously injured.
/And if he was not on t