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put Leonard into a dangerous situation? Do I think too highly of myself? Klein shook his head secretly, rejecting the idea that came to him in the first place.

He quickly changed his mind and started analyzing the problem from what Leonard could use:
Leonard is only a Sequence 5, what role can he play in the undercurrent of Backlund?
Even if I want to use him, I won’t be using him, but me, who is related to him, or Pales Zoroaster.
This can exclude me. At present, I am still a qualified favored person. If you really want me to do something, just give it to me directly…
The last incident of clearing all Amon’s clones in Backlund made the goddess or church leaders guess that Pales Zoroastrian was lurking around Backlund Street, and thus suspected Leonard?
It is possible, and it is not too small. I had some concerns at the beginning. I just thought that the church and Pales Zoroastrian had the same position on preventing Amon from becoming a god, and some kind of tacit understanding could be formed. , even at the very beginning, the old man who chose Leonard to “parasitize” probably had this consideration in mind.
What can be done by leaving Pales Zoroaster in Backlund? Fishing for Amon?
Even among the kings of angels, Amon is one of the top ones. Since the goddess cannot descend from the gods, it is not too much to rely on the church’s angels, “0” level sealed objects, and Pales Zoroaster to force Amon away. It’s difficult, but it’s almost impossible to kill him, unless he comes in a different form than his true form, and it’s not worthy of such an arrangement…
Klein’s ideas quickly expanded, and he soon had new inspiration:
Amon was brought here not to deal with him, but to contain Zaratul, who is currently in Backlund?
——Similar pathways are interchangeable at high levels, and even if you become a Sequence 0 true god, you will still have a strong desire for the “uniqueness” of similar pathways and the Sequence 1 extraordinary characteristics. This is what the “Night Goddess” plans. Clear evidence.
The goddess wants Backlund to turn into a pot of boiling porridge? Klein made “The World” Gehrman Sparrow ponder for a few seconds before saying:
“The leader of the Secret Order, a Sequence 1 angel, and an old friend of Emperor Russell, Zaratul is currently hiding in Backlund.”
Seeing that the members of the Tarot Club were obviously a little confused and confused, “The World” added a few words in a hoarse voice:
“The law of conservation of extraordinary properties that we often refer to often refers to the conservation of extraordinary properties in similar ways.
“That is to say, the law of aggregation of extraordinary characteristics also exists in similar pathways.”
Leonard suddenly fell into thinking, and after a few seconds he asked thoughtfully:
“‘Stealer’ and ‘Soothsayer’ are similar paths?”
/“Yes, there is another ‘apprentice’ path.” “The World” Gehrman Sparrow answered calmly.
After hearing the conversation between the two, “Magician” Forsi first thought of the attraction between extraor